Students Speak…

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Welcome to “Students Speak.” Here, through a series of student interviews, we provide you with a unique look at the lives of many of our former students now studying in the US or abroad. We hope to enrich and inform all of our student visitors, and their parents, as they consider plans for their future education.

Our student participants graciously shared their own experiences about life in their high school or college with us. Through our student interviews, we created a fun way for them to answer questions, speak about interesting subject matter, and discuss topics on living and learning in their new environment—the things that matter most to you!

Inside, you’ll find answers to such questions as:

  • How to choose a major or program of study?
  • What is most important to consider in choosing your ideal school?
  • What is the international community like?
  • Where are the best places to eat?
  • How to benefit most from your education consultant?
  • And more.

As education consultants, it’s wonderful to keep in touch with our students and hear that they’ve made a successful transition to their new school, and that they’re happy and doing well! So by sharing their experiences, we hope you’ll benefit from their unique perspectives about how to best prepare for your own future journey.

Student Interviews

Simply click on the links below to visit each student’s interview page. Visit this space often as we’ll continue to add more student feedback for you to enjoy!

  • Student: Kevin Yu
  • College: Wake Forest University, Freshman
  • “College really allows one to have a lot of ‘alone time’. Not having 8+ hours of classes like high school forces students to manage their time…” >> Read more
  • Student: Katherine Zheng
  • College: UCLA, Freshman
  • “My first 3 months in UCLA were excellent. My classmates and professors are nice and helpful, and campus is safe and beautiful…” >> Read more
  • Student: Kayla Zhang
  • College: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Sophomore
  • “When I got here, I gradually realized how amazing the campus is and how many resources are being presented in front of me…” >> Read more
  • Student: Johnson Mou
  • College: UC San Diego, Sophomore
  • “I have been in UCSD for two years and it is a wonderful experience. I made a great number of friends in my first year…” >> Read more
  • Student: Mike Shao
  • College: Harvard University, Sophomore
  • “There’s a diverse group of students, ranging from aspiring archaeologists, scientists, and artists, to those focused on pre-professional pursuits…” >> Read more
  • Student: Lucy Liu
  • College: Vanderbilt University, Junior
  • “I was pretty nervous at first and wasn’t really confident in English at that time … I took a first year writing class; the workload was a lot…” >> Read more
  • Student: Jacky Zhou
  • College: Carnegie Mellon University, Junior
  • “I attended various activities… I visited the new Google office in Pittsburgh, and had an inspiring talk with some of the software engineers…” >> Read more
  • Student: Minyu Zhang
  • College: Boston University, Junior
  • “I just want to say, do not feel like you are bound to the major you were admitted to. College is about exploring…” >> Read more