Student Development Strategy

Long-Term Student Development Strategy

Students engaged in extracurricular activities

Our Long-Term Student Development Strategy (LTSD) is for families with the ability to plan well in advance—at least one year prior to application season.

It is included in our service for clients with multi-term contracts and is ideal for younger students planning to attend boarding school or university.

We provide extensive guidance to students and offer a detailed development plan to help them gain the necessary academic and personal skills to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

Admission officers seek well-rounded students with a variety of interests, or alternatively, students with a commitment to excel within one or another area of focus. In addition to strong academics and test scores, successful applicants must be involved in extracurricular activities outside of the classroom, demonstrate a proficiency in “soft skills,” which implies critical and creative thinking ability, effective organization and time management, leadership potential, team-orientation, proficiency in oral and written communication, future direction, and more.

Many of these attributes cannot be learned in the classroom and may be particularly challenging for international students reared on a rigid test-based system. Our Student Development Strategy addresses this need by emphasizing experiential learning and interpersonal advancement.

Our Solution

From the beginning, students go through an evaluative process that analyzes their strengths, weaknesses, interests, future goals, and more. Our consultants then create a personalized plan for their students. During meetings they offer guidance in areas of academics and standardized testing, help to identify key extracurricular activities and enrichment programs, and make sure they stay on the right track month-by-month, year-by-year until application season arrives.

Our Student Development Strategy exposes students to those intangible skill-sets that are in-demand for admissions and for building a strong profile that highlights their unique talents, abilities, and commitment to higher learning!

Guided Path = Greater Opportunities

This not only leads to greater availability of school choices, but greater opportunities for admission success and preferred program of study.


To qualify, middle school or high school students should be at least one full year away from boarding school or college application season. Students must commit to a regular meeting schedule and be prepared to complete assigned tasks under the direction of their consultant. While no grading will occur, progress reports will be distributed to parents.

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Our Prep Courses

We also offer in-house Preparatory Courses designed to complement our LTSD.

Our prep courses are discounted for existing clients and offered throughout the year. They were created to help students improve their abilities and overcome the limitations they may face when preparing to advance into high school or university.