Education Consulting

Education Consulting

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Selecting the right school and navigating the admission process is not easy… we can help!

Finding the right school or college can be a stressful and time consuming process. What if you’re not sure which school is the right one? Or worse, what if you discover too late that it’s the wrong choice after you’re well into your freshman year? Our Education Consulting service will lead you in the right direction and remove the complexities in the preparation and application process!

In addition, the student population continues to grow and increasing competitiveness brings greater challenges for boarding school and university admission. International students, due to cultural differences, may not yet possess a sense of individuality or independence—qualities that are expected for incoming students to be successful. How do you prepare for this? And for all students making the leap to high school or college, the transition can be difficult.

So then, how can an education consulting service help ease this transition?

At Shanghai EDGE Consulting we empower students to take responsibility in preparing themselves well, viewing the process of growth and maturation as a component of our student development plan. Through our guidance, students will improve in and out of the classroom and they will gain confidence in themselves and maximize their abilities. They will learn how to research the rich array of opportunities in higher learning.

Similarly, we believe that choosing a school or university based upon an arbitrary ranking or its popular prestige is misguided and counterproductive. More important to consider: will you be successful there? Will you be happy and satisfied? Bragging means little if you’re bombing out.

Our education consultants work one-on-one with students to aid them in developing greater self-awareness and help in identifying schools that best fit their unique needs while encouraging them to take greater ownership over this critical period of life transition.

We guide them step by step through each of phase of the application process:

Personalized strategy.
Based on each student’s interests and abilities, we create a strategic plan to maximize their potential and place them in the best position for future success.

School curriculum planning.
We help students make smart choices about their current school courses so that they stay on track for future boarding school or college admissions.

Admission profile assessment.
We help students identify their strengths as applicants, and work toward improving upon them while minimizing any weaknesses.

School or college selection.
We assist students in finding the right boarding schools or universities which best match their interests, abilities, personality, needs, and admissions profile.

Entrance exams.
We answer questions about which exams are most appropriate and when to schedule testing. We can also provide assistance with TOEFL preparation for international students.

We work with each student to establish a realistic schedule for staying on top of application details and deadlines. We strive to make every student application as strong as it can be so admission officers will take notice. No short-cuts allowed!

Essay writing.
We help students bring out their highlights and better understand how to present themselves in a winning essay that will have maximum impact on admission readers.

Interview preparation.
More schools are relying on interviews as a determinant for whether to accept an applicant. A successful interview helps to “validate” strong grades, test scores, and written work. We help students prepare for interviews and improve their communication skills overall.

We are a proud member of HECA: Higher Education Consultants Association, an organization dedicated to advancing professional standards for the education consulting field. HECA is comprised of experienced professionals in the US and worldwide, committed to providing quality service to families.

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Student Benefits

Through our relationship, students can benefit in the following ways:

  • Improve their interpersonal skills and become more confident
  • Understand how to think more critically as well as creatively
  • Gain a greater degree of responsibility, accountability, and independence
  • Boost their research and writing skills, and become more effective communicators
  • Identify their best choice schools and improve their chances in gaining admission
  • Be better prepared for success in higher learning after they’re admitted
  • International students will better understand overseas schools and Western culture to make a smooth transition

*As active participants in our process, students will become self-aware in exploring their achievements, analyze areas for improvement, and uncover future potential.

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We help get students admitted to the best boarding schools and universities in the world!

Our School Placement Services

We offer the following school placement options:

»  Comprehensive School Package: For students applying to boarding or private day school
»  Comprehensive College Package: For students applying to college or university
»  Summer School Admission: For students applying to a summer program

We help students improve their abilities, select the right boarding schools or colleges, and provide expert guidance throughout the application process. School Placement is all-inclusive and is tailored toward the needs of the student. To learn more, please visit  >> School Placement

Our Application Support Options

We offer special courses and services to help students improve their interpersonal skills and academic profile, to better position them for long-term success:

»  Essay Editing
»  Writing Program
»  TOEFL Prep Course
»  Interview Prep Training
»  Community Service
»  Travel Planning & Campus Tours

Our Application Support is ideal for clients of our Comprehensive School or College Packages, or for those who simply need some additional layers of support on their own. We help you save time and increase effectiveness during the application process! To learn more, please visit  >> Application Support