Education Services

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Our goal is to help you move forward!

Our education services are designed to enrich and empower students to achieve success in higher learning or a future career. To do this, we employ a progressive approach. What does this mean? Simply put: “Favoring change, improvement, reform; going forward or onward.”

In fact there are several definitions for the word “progressive,” yet they all lead toward the same result: making change or improvement. We help students of all ages learn, develop, and grow to better meet their needs in life. Whether you’re seeking admission to a competitive boarding school or university, or an adult learner seeking to upgrade your interpersonal skills to improve workplace performance, we employ the same student-centric approach for everyone.

However, for our purposes at present, our education services are geared toward students in need of professional guidance for advance planning and handling the upcoming school application process. For adult learners, please go here: Our Courses

I. Education Consulting

Making the transition to high school or college is not easy. With so many requirements and so much competition, the biggest decisions for your child’s future can pose great challenges. That’s where we can help. We take an “educational” approach to consulting. Our School Placement and Application Support services assist students in choosing the right schools to apply, and provide expert training and personalized guidance to give them the best chance for gaining admission and future success.  >> Choose Education Consulting

II. Essay Editing

Though our comprehensive Writing Program and focused College Essay Tutorial we provide students with the skills they need to improve their writing and master academic coursework. But sometimes their schedules don’t allow for extensive training. For students who are already proficient in writing or have limited time availability and only require basic essay editing and revision, our Essay Editing service is for you.  >> Choose Essay Editing

III. Travel Planning & Campus Tours

Our personalized service is designed to assist families with setting up travel to visit boarding schools or universities for campus tours and in-person interviews. They may require basic needs upon arrival such as transportation, accommodations, and a knowledgeable guide to help ensure they arrive where they’re going safely and efficiently. We can provide that.  >> Choose Travel Planning & Campus Tours

IV. The EDGE Learning

For students of middle-school or high-school age, we’ve created a program called “The EDGE.” It’s a special exchange program that takes place in a relaxed, informal classroom setting where both local and international students can meet and share their experience in language, culture, schooling, and social interests to help benefit each other. The goal here is for newly arrived international students to gain additional understanding and help ease their transition for living in China; and for Chinese students seeking to study abroad, to help them better understand the learning environment in the US, Canada, or other overseas locations and what is expected of them. Enrollment is free!  >> Learn more

V. Guardianship

For international students studying within the US, most private schools require them to have relatives or legal guardians also located in the US – or even in the same state – to ensure the students’ needs are met in times of emergency or during school holiday closings. Guardians must be responsible for the welfare of the students and have authority to make important decisions.  >> Learn more