Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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We are always grateful whenever a client shares kind words with us to let us know they’re happy with our service. This validates what we do and why we do it! Below are selected client testimonials from students, parents, and adult learners who have worked with us. Many of our students have improved their interpersonal skills, increased their test scores, and are currently attending college. Even a boarding school admission officer shared a supportive message…

Prep Courses

“Teacher Vinnie, we found you very effective. We had other teachers and classes before, but the children were never on the right track until we met you. So we are very sure of your teaching ability.” —Fiona, Parent: Writing Program

“He feels pretty good in comparison to the other interviews he’s had. He was so grateful for your guidance and assistance. He said ‘Vinnie is such a good teacher and I should have met him earlier!’ I am so grateful for your hard work. I don’t care what the outcome would be; I know that I have found a good teacher for my son.” —Kay, Parent: Interview Prep

“We believe that your training concept is correct. Learning in American high schools to catch up with local students is difficult. Only by providing Chinese students the ability to think and understand as American students, will they be truly ready.” —A. Shao, Parent

“Your teaching is original and pioneering, and combined with online and classroom training, it is suitable for the learning style of students like my son.” —M. Lee, Parent

“Our child was very fond of reading, but had much difficulty to remember the words. Your vocabulary course helped him to better memorize words. He is now happy in his learning and his vocabulary has grown exponentially. Good way to a child for a lifetime.” —M. Lau, Parent

“I am glad to inform you that my daughter has been accepted by Madeira School, Tabor Academy, and Garrison Forest School. All of the three are very good. Thanks very much for your support and wish you will develop more outstanding students in the future.” —S. Li, Parent

“Thank you all so much for your help with our son’s boarding school applications. We are very satisfied with your hard work and congratulate you on your good service.” —T. Zhang, Parent

“Before we leave for the US to accompany our son for his boarding school life, we shall sincerely thank your hard-working teachers for their efforts that help our son make a great step forward in his education. Choosing your company was the best decision we have made. Keep up your excellent work and provide better education to more Chinese children.” —H. Lu, Parent

English Training

“My instructor Vinnie is very kind and professional. His curriculum is compact and flexible, stimulating people’s enthusiasm in learning English. He asked some very difficult questions, but when you thought about these questions, you would not only improve your English, but also thought about your life. I think he could work as a psychological counselor or career mentor as well.” —T. Luo, Adult ESL Student

“Vinnie is a very responsible teacher. He took great care to explain everything carefully, and was willing to adjust our lesson plan if I had a special need, such as to help understand important messages from an overseas business conference. His patient teaching style and follow up was very helpful for improving my ability to communicate at my workplace.” —L. Liu, Business English Student

“Nice to meet you, I am glad at the most critical time you gave my son Leo help. Thanks for always writing messages to inform me after every lesson, and for your recognition of Leo, I believe from your teachings he will learn a great deal. Leo is sometimes impetuous and cannot focus. Very pleased to be friends with you. Thanks again! Wish you all the best!” —X. Qu, Parent

“Vinnie is a rare and responsible, rigorous and patient teacher. My daughter learned to read the news with him during the Spring Festival, and very much recognized the teacher from New York. News reading for the primary school children can be difficult, but Vinnie explained the profound things in simple language to let the children listen. The students relished every afternoon and said they are not willing to leave when class ended. Vinnie’s evaluation of each child was unique and well-observed and gave parents a lot of good family learning proposals, very intimate and professional!” —M. Xu, Parent

“You are a really nice and responsible person, the most responsible foreign teacher I’ve met and I trust you. You are always positive and ambitious, trying your best to do what you really want and follow your own heart. I really admire that. As it is said in your book, you want to bring something of value to Chinese people. I am sure you will make it, at least it works for me, I am more clear about my future direction now, and I will also try my best to better myself.” —C. Wang, Student

Boarding School Placement

“I am very happy and doing very well. Choosing to study at CSW was the best decision I have ever made in my life.” —Y. Yin, Cambridge School of Weston

“It’s a whole lot different than what it was like in China. Teachers at Saint James are very friendly and they would help me whenever I need help. I participated in many new activities after I came to Saint James and many of which I enjoy a lot nowadays.” —A. Shen, Saint James Academy

“Everything is great in WMA so far, I made lots of friends from everywhere in the world. This is a really nice school with all nice teachers and students.” —D. Zhan, Wilbraham & Monson Academy

“Studying with you made all the difference in my academic life. I went from being a shy, introverted student to someone who can speak and write about himself. I don’t think I could have had this opportunity if we hadn’t met and worked together.” —L. Liu, Mercersburg Academy

“I can say that the years I’ve studied here have been happy and productive. This is a great school and a great environment to be. I’ve made many friends here and have good relationships with my teachers. I am looking forward to attending college in the future, but it will be sad to leave this school when I graduate.” —C. Qian, Westtown School

“Your organization seems to cover all the necessary bases to help students go through this very layered application process and that you all give great care in your approach to support students and their families. I very much enjoyed spending time with your student and am happy that she has decided to look at Westminster.” —Westminster School, Admissions

College Placement

“My education consultant was courteous and professional and offered excellent writing guidance.” —H. Shen, George Washington University

“Overall the education consulting service was very useful and Vinnie was a very attentive and satisfactory consultant, always providing sufficient help whenever I was in need.” —J. Zhou, Carnegie Mellon University

“The application process was great. Vinnie helped me a lot through the college applications. His knowledge about American college is very useful for choosing the school list.” —L. Liu, Vanderbilt University

“Vinnie is a very patient and kind consultant. He is also a good teacher and inspired me with many good ideas and answered all kinds of questions.” —J. Guo, University of California, Irvine

“Vinnie plays an important role in my growth as a well-rounded person. He helped me complete a great college application, but what’s more important is that he inspired me to be a critical thinker, trained me to be a better writer, and introduced me the essence of American culture. Before him, I would never expect to have such a sincere foreign friend who gives me true caring and devotion. I would rather call him a lifelong mentor and friend rather than an education consultant, and I am really grateful for meeting him.” —W. Hu, University of Chicago

“You were not just teaching me how to write essays and apply to schools, but influenced me for my life. From disappointment to enjoyment, you changed my perspective. I spent unforgettable days with you, full of fear and respect. Thank you so much again for pushing me in these days. There is no way to receive the offer without you. I really appreciate it. I am so lucky to have such a great consultant, teacher, and friend.” —Y. Su, Northeastern University D’Amore-McKim School of Business

“Vinnie is an expert in college application. I am proud to become his student. I learned how to improve my writing skills. But more importantly, I learned to go deep into my mind to find out the precious and unique parts of my life. I know about myself in his class. He put me on track on the college application and documented all my activities and priorities but also gave me valuable advice to maximize my advantages and make up my deficiencies. Everyone knows he is a kind and helpful instructor. Thanks to his comprehensive guidance, I successfully got accepted to Columbia and Brown summer programs. Vinnie is the instructor you want in the college application and I believe you will enter the most suitable and satisfying university with his instructions and assistance.” —J. Mou, University of California, San Diego

“Vinnie is a very good and experienced consultant. In his communication with students he is very patient, attentive, willing to answer questions, and sensitive to every detail of the application. In Vinnie’s guidance, my time planning capacity and level of writing has been greatly improved, and I’ve learned to use American thinking during the application process. Even more important is that Vinnie taps each student’s personality to shine, encouraging each student to find their own unique characteristics, and access to personal growth during the application process.” —M. Shao, Harvard University