Our Courses

Our Courses

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Be prepared… before the first day at your new school

Our courses are designed to provide students with a variety of choices for expanding their knowledge within their current learning environment and better prepare them for boarding school or college admissions, prepare for a future career, or advancement in their current profession.

Many of our courses were developed by our founder, a Columbia University graduate with more than 10 years of teaching experience and curriculum design. Our English and Business English courses are comprehensive yet flexible enough for most any language learners; our TOEFL Test Prep was influenced by the acclaimed Kaplan education; and our unique Writing Workshop, one of our most popular programs, can be adapted to fit the needs of young learners or adult professionals, and is ideal for boarding school or university applicants to prepare for writing their personal statements.

We offer authentic courses where students will learn material that is consistent with Common Core standards and originates from what is actually taught in many of America’s top schools. Not only will students improve the skills necessary for academic excellence, they’ll also be well prepared for undergrad or graduate studies and a future career!

Indeed, the knowledge built in to many of our courses defies age restriction and is suitable for all comers. Put it this way: It’s never too early or late in life to learn those intangible yet essential “soft” skills, as they’re known, to work more effectively and efficiently, whether in the school classroom or corporate boardroom.

Our courses are conveniently offered online, available as individual or small group sessions.

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Our comprehensive English program includes a variety of courses that comply with Common Core standards and focus on all of the essential language elements: reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary and grammar, and are structured according to student needs. Courses are offered year-round and are designed for young adults and adult professionals who seek to improve their English language ability.  >> English Training

Business English

Whether you’re a student at the start of your professional career seeking to enhance your marketability, or an established professional who needs English for everyday business communication, our courses were designed to be both practical and adaptable to meet your individual needs. Students will enrich and expand their vocabulary across a variety of sectors and gain the essential real-world skills needed in business: social media, conference calls, job interviews, writing effective emails, report writing, presentations, and more!  >> Business English

Test Prep: TOEFL

TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language. Its primary function is to test the ability of candidates to study in an English-speaking school or university. TOEFL content is highly influenced by US college academics. This means, not only will students achieve short-term benefits of preparing for exams, they will also be well situated for long-term success in the English-speaking classroom or workplace. Courses are offered year-round and feature a number of flexible study plans to accommodate students’ busy schedules.  >> TOEFL Prep

Writing Program

Good writing skills are essential. This course introduces students to proper techniques for a variety of writing projects. Topics include writing process, genres, informational writing, school essays, revising and proofreading, and more. As a result, students will be better prepared to produce the information required on school applications and for the advanced coursework they will experience during high school and college. Beyond college, busy professionals can focus on resume building, report writing, business proposals, marketing copy, and more.  >> Writing Program

Essay Writing Tutorial

For students who are already proficient writers or who can’t commit the time for our comprehensive training but who need specific focus on school application essays, we’ve culled the best resources from “Section 11” in our Writing Program just for you. We’ll teach you how to tackle those challenging writing requirements, where you’ll brainstorm for ideas, produce a first draft, revise your work, and ultimately produce a winning personal statement!  >> Writing Program

Communication Skills Training

Designed to help students build and improve communication skills in all situations where personal interaction is required. They will experience a variety of proven communications methods overall before focusing on the school interview process where they’ll learn how to prepare and practice for the interview, develop confidence, and generate enthusiasm! Our training is also suitable for adult learners preparing for workplace advancement or career-based interviews.  >> Communications Skills

Presentation Skills Training

If students learn these important skills during childhood, they can avoid being fearful about speaking in front of others and be on their way to becoming great communicators and potential leaders. Our course will reveal the fundamentals for learning the “art” of communication and giving the perfect presentation! Our training program is perfectly suited for anyone — from young learners to adult professionals — who seek to take their public speaking skills to a higher level.  >> Presentation Skills

Community Service

Defined as donated service or activity that is performed by someone or a group of people for the benefit of the public. This program is designed to help students build character and learn the value of responsibility. Many schools and universities favor those students who are inclined to be of service to others. *This is a part of our experiential learning series, or “learn by doing,” and requires a minimum of 10 hours of student participation.  >> Community Service