TOEFL Prep Course

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Improve your test scores and be ready to conquer college-level academics

TOEFL stands for the Test of English as a Foreign Language. Its primary function is to test the ability of candidates to study in an English-speaking school or university. TOEFL content is highly influenced by US college academics. By enrolling in our TOEFL Prep course, not only will students achieve short-term benefits of preparing for exams, they will also be well situated for long-term success in the English-speaking classroom and future workplace.

TOEFL Scores

When taking the TOEFL test, you will receive a score between 1 and 120. This consists of up to 30 points for each of the four sections: readingwritingspeaking, and listening.

Many international schools and universities require a minimum score of 75, though this may be lower or higher depending on a variety of factors. For example, schools that accept lower test scores, some as low as 50, will usually offer their own ESL English programs for incoming students as a required part of their enrollment; however, on the other end, the most competitive private schools and universities normally require a score of 100 or more.

The TOEFL has over 50 test dates per year. You can retake the test as many times as you wish, but you cannot take it more than once in a 12-day period. TOEFL scores are valid for two years.

Authentic Instruction

We take a modern and multifaceted approach with our instruction, blending the necessary guidebook material made by the ETS test-makers themselves, with plenty of intuitive online material and video tutorials through our affiliation with a highly regarded test-prep company. Since the TOEFL is predominantly a computer-based test, this allows students to get used to reading things on a screen.

Our three-part training framework includes:

I. Teaching General English (Vocabulary, Grammar)

Effective TOEFL instruction begins with a basis of a general English classroom, and is then enhanced with TOEFL-specific exercises and training.

II. Test Strategies and Practice

We first become TOEFL “students” to better understand the exam—it’s content, challenges, grading expectations, etc. This enables us to better guide students with methodical approaches to solutions. Our methods include employing proven strategies with official test-like practice.

III. Test Skills

There are background skills, for example note-taking, that contribute to TOEFL scores that students may not have experienced in general English class. Our TOEFL material includes training exercises for those background skills.

Comprehensive and Customizable

Are you ready for TOEFL-specific study? This depends a lot on your level of English ability. Good test-taking skills won’t make up for poor language skills. If your English ability is somewhat low, you might consider enrolling in our English Training first and TOEFL later.

Our TOEFL Prep course features flexible study plans, from two weeks to two months, six months to one year or more depending on student needs and the demands of their schedules.

The TOEFL is all about using the language, with a focus on academic material wherever possible. Students should be speaking, writing, reading, and listening constantly.