College Counseling, Skills Training, Prep Courses, Essay Editing & More

At Shanghai EDGE Consulting, we offer personalized training for students to boost their skillset, prepare for exams, and maximize their potential to meet the demands of higher learning. We also assist students with choosing and applying to the right schools and universities within the US and abroad. They’ll gain the knowledge and abilities necessary to improve themselves… and their results. And for adult learners, our many courses are geared toward helping them improve workplace performance or advance in their professional career. Explore our website, learn about our programs, and let’s create great opportunities together!

Building Essential Skills

Our range of prep courses offers greater long-term benefits: students will learn to think critically, be creative, and how to write and communicate more effectively, which will serve them well into their career.


Adult ESL & Business English

Our English courses are ideal for international students seeking to study overseas or adult learners seeking to advance their career. No matter your age or current skill level, we have a program suitable for you!


School Placement Success

Whether you’re seeking high school, undergrad, or graduate admission, in the US, Canada, or elsewhere, we can help you boost your profile and prime you for greater success. Visit our student results page for details!


US School Tour Guide

We help prepare an itinerary for both foreign and domestic students to visit school campuses within the US. We will manage the logistics and provide an experienced school guide to ensure everyone’s needs are met.


Learn something new each day…

At Shanghai EDGE Consulting we take learning seriously. And we’ve made it easy for you too with our Knowledge Base—though some may call it a blog. Inside you’ll find plenty of useful information on things like the requirements of top schools and universities or differences between AP and IB, how to overcome writer’s block. Plus, we feature useful test-taking strategies, effective time management techniques, tips for English learners, and other topics meant to educate and empower you during your visits with us!