Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us

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We make learning fun but take student success seriously!

Why choose us? Because we always put students first. Student success defines our purpose. As a small company, we’re better able to focus on our “core” services without trying to overreach. This helps ensure our commitment to quality.

We are an education company but also a learning company. Though we are educators, we are also students. The learning process never stops. Our teachers have many years of experience yet they’re continually honing their craft, analyzing the effectiveness of their classes, and seeking ways to improve for their students; our team goes through continuous training to expand their level of knowledge. Our monthly staff meetings always begin with the same topic:

“What have we done well and what can we do better?”

So by focusing on quality, we believe this will bring greater value to our clients, set a higher standard of excellence for ourselves, and allow us to maintain the integrity our business was founded on in the first place—to achieve student success!

Skills Training & Education Consulting

Skills Training & Education Consulting

Our individualized English courses are designed to meet the needs of all students!

Whether you’re seeking to gain fluency in English to advance your career, or advance beyond what is possible at your current school, we have a place for you. Our English teachers are native speakers who understand the needs of ESL students; they can explain those unusual cultural nuances in English that can’t be deciphered from a book. Courses are never “one-size-fits-all” and offer plenty of variety among traditional course books, video tutorials, and online learning platforms to keep students’ enthusiasm at peak levels!

Our Prep Courses and School Placement Services fit together perfectly!

Individually, our Courses are focused on helping students develop critical reading, writing, and thinking skills, becoming better communicators, and positioning them to take full advantage of opportunities in higher learning. Collectively, they complement our School Placement services for students seeking admission to boarding school or college. In this way, students experience the ease and convenience of studying in the same location and under the guidance of both their teacher and education consultant. Aside from greater efficiency, there are also greater benefits since all parties can easily collaborate and make appropriate decisions together without unnecessary time lapses or guesswork later.

  e.g. Take a TOEFL Prep course on Saturday morning, meet your consultant to discuss your required target score in the afternoon, and set your goals for the rest of the week—everything is interchangeable!

What does an Education Consultant do?

Traditionally, consultants are expected to deliver primarily two things:

  1. Help identify the right schools for students
  2. Guide them through the application process

Yes, in the end, that’s our bottom line. But we also take it a step further… much further.

We assist families to better understand admission requirements and how best to prepare students for success in the future. Our education consultants assist with choosing schools that are the best fit for the student’s interests, abilities, and achievements, plus provide personal guidance throughout the application process to ensure the best possible results.

We put the “Education” in Education Consulting

Our consultants are also experienced teachers who take very seriously the learning element involved with their students. While our end goal is to help students get placed in the right school for their future study, we also emphasize the learning process involved that helps students not only improve their readiness for boarding school or college but will have also…

  • improved their study habits and time management skills
  • become better readers, writers, and communicators
  • become more mature and responsible young adults
  • learned self-discipline and gained self-confidence
  • and taken the first steps toward their future!

The bottom line is, no matter where our students are admitted to, they will have benefitted from our experience by becoming better educated and better prepared for future success. Gaining admission to a top school or university means little if a student is unprepared to take advantage of it. By following our guided educational plan, we help them make sure they can!

Our consultants are limited to working with no more than a few students at a time, which means each student receives personalized attention. We have a strong track record of student success where they have improved their communication skills, learned to think critically, raised their test scores, and increased their readiness for high school or undergraduate study.

How do we accomplish this?

  • We are a member of HECA (Higher Education Consultants Association), an organization dedicated to advancing professional standards for the education consulting field.
  • We personally visit and research schools and universities to know their characteristics and requirements so we may better identify those that are the best fit for the student.
  • We have developed strong relationships and maintain communication with admissions officers and experienced industry people to ensure our information is always up to date.
  • We maintain contact with our placed students to check their progress and learn from their experiences, and we use this information in Students Speak to help inform new students.
  • Our consultants are college graduates with several years of experience in the education industry; they are also well-suited to assist international students to transition to a new school system and cultural environment.

Success in Placement of Students

Success in Placement of Students

To learn more about our students, please visit Our Students; to see comments from parents, students, and adult learners who were satisfied with our services, please view our Client Testimonials section.