Advising Students

Advising Students: Our Philosophy

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Does your child stand out from the crowd? What will make school admissions people take notice?

Advising students through personal guidance and sharing practical advice is something we take seriously as instructors and education consultants at Shanghai EDGE Consulting. As former students, now parents or working professionals, we know the importance of higher learning, and particularly considering that which is offered in many US boarding schools and top universities. For both domestic and international students, there’s an opportunity to receive a quality education in a positive, multicultural learning environment, giving them the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop into responsible young adults.

So my question to you then:

Does your child stand out from the crowd? What will make admissions people take notice in this increasingly competitive race to squeeze in to this limited space?

First, take nothing for granted. No one is “deserving” of admission anymore—it must be earned. Our philosophy here is to do things right, from the beginning. We plan and strategize with parents and students to ensure we help them choose not only the best quality schools but those that will be the right fit. With our focused curriculum and personal application support, we can help improve a student’s essential skillset and increase their chance for admission. And along the way, we can help them make the transition to their new school as easy as possible.

Succeeding in a top boarding school or university is not easy, however. I’m not ashamed to admit that my freshman year at Columbia University was among the most challenging periods of my life. But stick with the plan and it gets easier—you learn, you adapt, gain confidence, and before you know it, good study habits and good grades become as routine as getting dressed in the morning.

We train, prepare, and guide students the proper way and will never offer misleading claims to parents or misrepresent the student and their abilities to the schools to try to gain favor. This is of no benefit for the student and will only promote further criticism and distrust of consultants and the students they represent.

In this way, an education consultant can prove to be a major advantage toward helping a student get accepted—or they can do more harm than good! Consultants should also be instructors where advising students must come first, then follow through must come next.

It is one thing for a student to gain admission; it is another for them to succeed once they’re there. With that in mind, our goal is to develop focused, well-rounded students who are prepared to succeed on all levels throughout high school, undergraduate studies, and beyond.

If you would like to learn more about my experience and how I employ guided instruction into my consulting work to best prepare students to excel, please contact us for a free consultation. Thank you for your interest! Vinnie