Travel Planning & Campus Tours

Travel Planning & Campus Tours

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Travel arrangements, school visits, student group tours… we know the way!

Our Campus Tours service is designed to assist international and domestic families with travel to visit US schools and universities for campus tours and in-person interviews. By this point, the meeting dates and times for each school to be visited has already been arranged by the family or their education consultant.

For international students, it is presumed the required travel documents have been obtained. The traveling family thus will require basic needs upon arrival such as transportation to and from the airport, local transportation between schools, accommodations, and a knowledgeable guide to ensure everyone’s needs are met and the experience is smooth and efficient.

We do all of that… and more!

Take Advantage of the Experience

The interview is an important part of the boarding school application process. Most school admission teams require an interview with the student as a way to better understand their qualities and characteristics. This also allows the student to learn more about the school. While interviews are often optional for college applicants, for their personal benefit, and purposes of demonstrating interest, it’s always a good idea to have an interview whenever possible.

Campus tours also allow parents to get familiar with the environment and ask questions of school admissions. Overall, nothing can replace the experience of actually seeing the school, speaking with other students, visiting a teacher, or even attending a class session. It’s the best way to learn about what the experience may be like, and confirm your desire to apply or enroll there in the future!

For international students, school admissions teams will appreciate the time and effort the family has made to travel from abroad to visit them. This can certainly be to your advantage.

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When visiting each of the schools, students should become friendly with their student tour guide, ask questions, and learn from their experience.

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Travel Planning & Campus Tours

Our service is divided into two phases:

Travel Planning, which involves pre-arranging everything for families in advance of their travel; and Campus Tours, which provides full support to families during their travel. The following is a list of our included services for each phase:

Travel Planning:

  • Booking US flights for international travelers, if required (available within China only)
  • Arranging local transportation prior to arrival for the entire trip
  • Setting up local hotel accommodations at each school location

Campus Tours:

  • Round-trip transportation for the family between airports, all hotels, and schools
  • Provide additional student support as needed for school visits and admission interviews
  • Transportation during “off days” for shopping, dining, sightseeing activities (upon request)
  • Handling of check-in and all hotel arrangements
  • Tracking all travel expenses and providing a detailed expense report at conclusion of trip
  • Helping ensure the safety, comfort and convenience of the family throughout their visit

Our experienced school tour guides are knowledgeable about the schools and their locations; the guide may be appointed from our China office and travel together with the family, or may be at-location from within our US office. In either case, our guides are employees of or direct affiliates of Shanghai EDGE Consulting and not independent service providers, unless prearranged and agreed upon in advance.