About Us

About Us

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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Shanghai EDGE is an education services company staffed by an international team with several years of experience in course design, teaching, and education consulting. In conceiving of our mission and vision, we determined quite simply: Our purpose is to help you move forward to reach your goals and create more opportunities for future success.

As tutors and instructors… we serve young scholars and adult professionals seeking to improve their language and interpersonal skills to increase their readiness for higher learning or to help advance their careers. As education consultants… we assist students to prepare and present themselves as the best qualified candidates for boarding school or college admissions, and guide them through the application process to achieve optimal results.


Our mission. Through the use of proven techniques, we provide programs that exploit the advantages of Western-style learning methods with the disciplined Chinese approach for students of all ages to learn, grow, and advance. We break down barriers of language, culture, and ideology to deliver practicable, real-world results.

Our vision. Why do we do what we do? We want to give people the tools they need to think critically and embrace self-awareness so they may improve their outcomes, become better citizens, and make a positive impact on society. We hope to catalyze the positive change we all aspire toward but don’t know where to begin.

Our name and logo. Shanghai is the place of our company’s birth, but importantly, represents an unparalleled degree of advancement and future vision. The purpose of “EDGE” is two-fold: first, to have an edge means to have an advantage; second, it’s an acronym for “Education, Discovery, Growth, Experience,” that together comprises our learning philosophy. A knight represents forward motion, high spirit, drive, and determination—character traits of all successful educators and learners.

Our Courses: Short-term Advantages, Long-term Success

We believe the learning that occurs before and during the process of applying to boarding school or college is just as important as the outcome. Sure, results matter—but it’s the lessons learned and skills developed along the way that will better prepare a student for future success.

The knowledge obtained from our guidance will help ensure our students can make a smooth transition to their new schools but also a future workplace.

Much of our curriculum is based on proven American instructional techniques inclusive of experiential learning, critical-thinking, and creative problem solving. Top schools the world over seek students who are well-rounded in terms of their ability and experience, and therefore our courses were developed with this in mind.

Led by our mission, vision, and core values, we are proud to empower all of our students. No matter their age or skill level, they’ll boost their social and emotional intelligence, learn to write and communicate more effectively, and develop a greater sense of responsibility. We help prepare them to meet the challenges that await.

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