English Training

English Training

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According to the Harvard Business Review, “countries with high English proficiency are more innovative.”

English is universal; it is a common tongue that can connect us to everyone else in the world and allow us to stand as equals. English is no longer just the language of Western people… it is the international language. Our English training program will help you unlock your potential and create opportunities whether you’re an international student or career professional.

Take Jack Ma as a good example. The founder of Alibaba is one of the world’s most successful Internet entrepreneurs. Did you know he studied English in college, and worked as an English teacher before becoming an entrepreneur? That’s right. He wasn’t a coder or engineer but a teacher. His bilingualism helped him work effectively across borders and cultures, and to pick up on global trends that gave him a critical edge in the 1990s as the Internet arrived in China.

English Unlocks Potential Wherever You Go

Academia, industry, and all fields are bridged through the effective command of English. Want to apply to a prestigious high school or university abroad? You’ll first have to sit through proficiency exams like the IELTS and TOEFL before you’ll even be considered for admission. Greater opportunities exist for employees in the workforce, both at home and abroad for those with a command of English.

Improving English skills can…

  • lead to higher salaries for employees
  • allow you to apply for better jobs and raise your standard of living
  • and improve your quality of life

Course Options

I. ESL | English as a Second Language

Our comprehensive English training focuses on all of the essential language elements: reading, writing, speaking, listening, vocabulary and grammar, and is structured according to student needs. Our course is designed for young adults and adult professionals who seek to improve their English language ability.

Our English training materials comply with Common Core standards—standards designed to build upon the most advanced current thinking about preparing all students for success in college, career, and life. The standards were informed by the best in the U.S., the highest international standards, and evidence and expertise about educational outcomes!

II. Business English

In today’s global economy, English is the language of business. It provides a common platform for international communication—and companies that recognize the importance of an English-proficient workforce have a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

No matter your industry, English is essential.

Whether you’re a student at the start of your professional career seeking to enhance your marketability, or an established professional who needs English for everyday business communication, our course was designed to be practical and adaptable to meet your needs. You will enrich and expand your vocabulary across a variety of sectors and gain the essential real-world skills needed in business: conference calls, report-writing, presentations, interviews, social media, marketing, and more!

Innovative Training Program

Our English training incorporates a variety of formats that include world-class textbooks, multimedia programs, and online literacy platforms designed to engage students and stimulate learning by boosting their critical thinking skills. The underlying philosophy of our course is that language is best learned when it’s used for meaningful communication.

Course formats:

One-to-one, small group, or online training for distance learners