Our Team

Our Team

Vinnie Apicella

Founder & Director

Vinnie strikes a pose Thank you for visiting! Our team features experienced instructors and education consultants whose main priority is to help students maximize their potential and move forward.

About me: I am a Columbia University graduate from New York with degrees in Communications and Literature & Writing. Under my guidance, students have been admitted to top boarding schools like Choate and Deerfield Academy, and universities including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UCLA, Cambridge, and others. These talented scholars will become major contributors to our society before long. Please visit Our Students to see more.

As important, through our internally-developed programs, our students have gained the necessary critical thinking, analytical, and interpersonal skills to thrive in demanding academic and professional environments. As a teacher and mentor, I take great pride in following my students’ careers even after we’ve completed our work together.

I am a member of Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA), which promotes best practices and quality standards in the consulting industry, and earned TEFL and TESOL credentials from Bridge Education Group and Arizona State University as a certified English teacher. Instructing and consulting for more than 13 years, I’ve helped students communicate and write more effectively, become better organized, boost their resumes, and prepare for college or professional life.

After acquiring a wealth of experience and forming valuable relationships in the education industry, I founded Shanghai EDGE Consulting. I am also authoring my first book, due for release in 2025, which I hope will serve as a platform for making a positive impact on society and inspiring others to improve their lives and pursue their passions.

For details on our use of Best Practices to achieve Best Results, please view Advising Students: Our Philosophy


Xenia Wang

Student Advisor

Xenia has seven years of professional experience. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, with a minor in English.

Before entering the education consulting industry, she worked as a tutor in an English training center and received “Most Popular Tutor” award in the City of Shenzhen by her students, who cited her pleasant demeanor, patience, and commitment to her craft as key characteristics that set her apart from the rest.

Xenia’s positive personal attributes and strong work ethic have allowed her to excel throughout her career. Her enthusiasm for working with students and helping them reach their goals, whether for language learning, in the school classroom, or on college applications, is a rare commodity in an industry that places such great demands on young people.

Students and parents often refer to her as the “Understanding Sister” for her ability to empathize and communicate with them in a way that calms their fears and instills confidence. In her work as a student advisor, Xenia has played an essential role in helping students improve their abilities and increase their chances for admission into some of the world’s best universities.

Her students have been admitted to University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, USC, Emory University, CMU, Cornell University, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, NYU, Boston University, College of William & Mary, University of Toronto, Cambridge University, HKUST, and more.

Xenia is a consummate professional who takes great pride in her work. As a lifelong-learner who continuously works to improve her own knowledge, she is better qualified than most to share her valuable advice and unparalleled support to students and their parents.