Community Service

Community Service

People putting puzzle pieces together

Putting the pieces together to help make a difference…

Our Community Service Program is designed to allow students to gain experience in serving the community, and to understand and appreciate the value of helping others. We believe students benefit not just from books or classroom study, but from experiential learning in a real-world environment. Our Community Service Program seeks to instill and support a passion for service in our students. From tutoring in local schools, to neighborhood cleanup activities, and assisting those who are less fortunate, our program strives to provide students with interesting and meaningful service opportunities.

This is a part of our experiential learning series, or “learn by doing,” and requires a minimum of 10 hours of student participation.

Make an Impact

High school and college admissions committees seek well-rounded students who are personable and of good character. They demonstrate responsibility for themselves and the community. This part is significant because it helps indicate the student’s readiness to develop into a mature, responsible young adult. For many, the sense of fulfillment they receive from helping others encourages them to remain civic-minded and community-oriented throughout their lives.

Nearly every private school and university we are associated with has a community service program that its students are involved in. Most schools will either require or expect students to participate in community service during their enrollment.

Here are a few examples of what admissions personnel have to say:

  • Groton seeks highly motivated students of great promise. We are especially interested in people who are inclined to be of service to others. Groton School
  • When selecting students, we consider… individual expression, open-mindedness, community involvement, and potential for growth. Concord Academy
  • We combine the capabilities of the University with those of the community at large, to help address some of society’s most pressing problems. —Brown University

Our Initiatives

We are proud to affiliate with several reputable organizations that have made their staff and resources available to our students. Our volunteer opportunities include: neighborhood cleanup, care for the elderly and disabled, working with children, and many more.

We make the arrangements for students and the service organization, and will help to oversee the volunteering process to ensure beneficial results for everyone involved!