Writing Program

Writing Program

Student looks up from writing project

Good writing skills are essential in the classroom, in the workplace, in business, and throughout life.

Students who learn good writing skills now will create better opportunities in the future!

Our Writing Program will provide students with the knowledge, ability, and self-confidence to successfully develop and improve their writing skills in a variety of formats. As a result, they will be well prepared for the advanced coursework they will experience in high school and college.

Authentic Instruction

Our program director earned a BA in Literature & Writing from Columbia University. He has more than 30 years’ experience as a writer and has held various editorial and marketing positions throughout his career.

We understand the challenges many students will face learning writing and the additional difficulties when they transition to high school or college. We have tailored our program to directly respond to the needs of these students.

Our program features a workshop method of instruction:

Students are given opportunities to write in a variety of genres to better understand the differences of each, discover and practice different writing techniques, and help foster a respect for writing and all it can help them achieve.

Comprehensive and Customizable

Our complete 13-course program includes more than 50 hours of class instruction and student writing projects. Each course follows a prescribed path from beginner to intermediate to advanced level material, and includes a combination of reading, writing, instruction, and student-led projects.

*Please note: Instruction methods and timelines may vary based on student availability, service requested, and instructor assessment of student progress.

  Essay Writing Tutorial

For students who are already proficient writers or who aren’t able to commit the time for our comprehensive training program but who need specific focus on how to produce school application essays, we’ve culled the best resources from “Section 11: College Essays” in our Writing Program just for you.

We’ll teach you how to tackle those challenging writing requirements, where you’ll learn how to brainstorm for ideas, produce a first draft, revise and improve your work, and ultimately produce a winning personal statement that will make your school application stand out!

Students who are applying to high school or college: Admissions people do not look favorably upon essays that were written by adults. Write your own material and make sure it reflects you and your interests.