Essay Editing

Essay Editing

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Every Good Writer Needs a Good Editor…

Though our comprehensive Writing Program and focused Essay Writing Tutorial provide students with the skills they need to improve their writing and master academic coursework, sometimes their schedules don’t allow for extensive training. For students who are already proficient in writing or have limited time availability and only require basic essay editing and revision, our Essay Editing service is for you.

The Difference Maker

The essay is an important part of the application process for both private schools and colleges. Admission officers want to get to know students on a more personal level; they want them to share their ideas, their goals, their triumphs, and sometimes their agonies. In short, the application essay let’s admissions people see the “real” you that’s behind the application!

What you write about yourself or how you answer school-specific questions gives admissions people further insight into the type of student you are and whether or not you have a good chance for success. Will you fit in with their existing community?

So to put it succinctly, the essay writing on college applications is extremely important, and essay editing is a key function of presenting your best work. Oftentimes, this can be the difference-maker as to whether you gain admission or not!

Our Process

Good high school or college application essays begin by following a writing process that starts with a “brainstorming” technique to come up with ideas. Was that your approach? From there, it’s a matter of putting the bits and pieces together to create a first draft. Did you do that?

Ideally, we’ll need to know as much as we can about the student in order to provide appropriate guidance. So we begin with a brief interview to gain insight into things like student’s background and ability, school selections, essay topic, and more in order to determine our best way forward. Based on our evaluation and brief discussion, we will begin with one of three things:

  • Offer guidance on choice of topic,
  • suggest a different, more optimal approach,
  • or begin the essay editing, revising phase of the project.

Our timeline is determined by where student is within the writing process, i.e. ideation phase, rough draft, or completed work, and how many essays are required.

Think twice before employing “ghostwriters.” If students are incapable of writing on their own application, there’s little chance they will have the skills to succeed in college-level coursework.