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Application Support Options

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Whether you’re employing our School Placement service or going it alone, our Application Support can be an essential part of your success. Application Support includes a series of prep courses designed to assist families in saving time and providing valuable assistance before or during the school application process. We can help improve a student’s skills and abilities, add greater depth to their applicant profile, and reduce the pressure of sorting through complex procedures or meeting short timelines during their busy school schedule.

Students can benefit academically and boost their admission results:

  • Improve writing skills to produce strong personal statements that stand out on applications
  • Learn proven communication techniques to gain confidence and ace the school interviews
  • Community Service adds value to one’s character as well as a school application
  • For international students, we offer comprehensive English and TOEFL Prep courses

Application Support Options

Our Application Support options are ideal for existing clients of our School Placement service or those who simply need additional support in handling their own application process. We currently have the following programs and services available, with more coming soon:

Writing Program

In our regular Writing “Master Class,” students go through extensive long-term training and learn to become proficient writers. However, as an added convenience, we’ve also created a condensed Essay Writing Tutorial specifically to guide students on how to effectively handle those challenging topics required for school applications. Choose whichever option suits you best.  >> Writing Program

Essay Editing

Though our comprehensive writing courses provide students with the skills to improve their writing, sometimes their schedules don’t allow for extensive training. For students who are already proficient in writing or have limited time availability and only require basic essay editing and revision, our Essay Editing service is for you.  >> Essay Editing

Interview Prep Training

An integral part of our broader Communication Skills Training, this condensed course is essential to help students understand the school interview process, gain knowledge about their prospective schools, prepare and practice for the interview, develop confidence, and generate enthusiasm.  >> Interview Prep Training

Community Service

This program is designed to help students build character and learn the value of responsibility. Boarding schools and universities favor those students who are inclined to be of service to others. *This is a part of our experiential learning series, or “learn by doing,” and requires a minimum of 10 hours of student participation.  >> Community Service

For International Students…

TOEFL Prep Course

Our in-house TOEFL course provides ease and convenience to students who may train with our experienced teachers while also under the guidance of their education consultant. In this way, everyone works together in lock-step to bring better results! We offer a number of flexible study plans to accommodate students’ busy schedules.  >> TOEFL Prep

Travel Planning & Campus Tours

This service is designed to assist international and domestic families with travel to visit US schools and universities for campus tours and in-person interviews. We make the pre-trip arrangements, provide local transportation, setup hotel accommodations, and more. Our service includes an experienced travel guide to ensure your comfort throughout the trip. >> Travel Planning & Campus Tours