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location students adm. int’l. fresh grad GPA ACT SAT TOEFL
New York, NY 8,148 3% 18% 98% 86% 4.2 34 1520 100

Columbia University is a private institution that was founded in 1754 and is one of the world’s most important centers of research and at the same time a distinctive and distinguished learning environment for undergraduates and graduate students in many scholarly and professional fields.

Its main 36-acre campus is located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, situated in the Morningside Heights neighborhood. It is comprised of three undergraduate schools – Columbia College, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering & Applied Science, and the School of General Studies – as well as a number of graduate and professional schools, including the highly ranked Business School, Teachers College, Law School and College of Physicians and Surgeons. The university also has a well-regarded College of Dental Medicine and graduate Journalism School.


The University offers an outstanding and comprehensive array of academic programs. These include three undergraduate schools, thirteen graduate and professional schools, a world-renowned medical center, four affiliated colleges and seminaries, twenty-five libraries, and more than one hundred research centers and institutes. The student-faculty ratio at Columbia University is 6:1, and the school has 81.5 percent of its classes with fewer than 20. Popular majors include: Social Sciences, Engineering, Biological & Biomedical Sciences, Computer and Information Sciences and Support Services, and Mathematics & Statistics.

Special Highlights

Science as Startup. Columbia’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences is partnering across the university and beyond to commit our world-class resources to urgent, global challenges in climate, health, and innovation. The scale and urgency of these global challenges requires a new model of engagement, one that accelerates discovery and innovation and leads to public and private sector solutions. Science as Startup takes cues from the entrepreneurial startup culture to spur knowledge creation and to build institutions that translates this knowledge to action.

Film Programs. The School of the Arts’ Film Programs are populated by the top students from around the world and its halls are an intersection of cutting-edge creativity, intellectual rigor and hands-on practicality. With a faculty of esteemed professionals, the Film MFA programs are among the world’s premiere training grounds for young filmmakers. Their thesis short films, feature screenplays and teleplays are showcased each year at the Columbia University Film Festival.

School Mission & Unique Qualities

Columbia University was founded in 1754 as King’s College by royal charter of King George II of England. It is the oldest institution of higher learning in the state of New York and the fifth oldest in the United States. The architectural centerpiece of the campus is Low Memorial Library. Built in the Roman classical style, it appears in the New York City Register of Historic Places. Columbia has two facilities outside of Manhattan. Nevis Laboratories is Columbia’s primary center for the study of high-energy experimental particle and nuclear physics, and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, a leading research institution focusing on global climate change, earthquakes, volcanoes, nonrenewable resources, and environmental hazards.

Student Reviews…

“I really feel included as a member of the Columbia family! There are numerous useful resources for you to explore, on-campus job opportunities, and concern for student safety. The curriculum is intense and you’ll find yourself spending many nights studying.”