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location type grades students int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT SAT-avg TOEFL
Mercersburg, PA co-ed 9-12 PG 446 22% 4:1 12 80% 1380 95

Mercersburg has deep roots in the best tradition of American liberal arts education, and are very proud of that. Mercersburg Academy prepares young men and women from diverse backgrounds for college and for life in a global community. Students at Mercersburg pursue a rigorous and dynamic curriculum while learning to live together harmoniously in a supportive residential environment.

Outside the classroom, students immerse themselves in theater, sports, music, competitions, and camaraderie. They develop deep friendships with students from next door and from across the world. They explore new concepts and push past their limits. Mercersburg is a place of transformation. Students transform themselves—as they prepare to transform their world.


An independent college-preparatory school in south-central Pennsylvania, the Academy offers a rigorous academic program to 430 boarding and day students from 30 states and 34 nations. In small classes, students and faculty work eye to eye and mind to mind, as they deepen their understanding of their subjects—and of themselves.

 Special Highlights

Academic Life. Mercersburg offers demanding college-preparatory courses ranging from art history and world religions to field biology. Students learn through their interaction with dedicated faculty and through homework and research for projects and papers. Faculty members are available outside of the classroom for consultation and help sessions. Additional student resources include the Writing Center and the Learning Services Center, which provide targeted study skills training and tutoring for students.

Student Clubs. One of the great advantages of a community of intellectually curious domestic and international students is that many of our student language clubs consist of both native speakers of the language and students from the United States. This creates a symbiosis in which students from the United States can benefit from the international students’ native experience, while the international students can use these clubs to help maintain a sense of connection to, and pride in, their home countries.

 Top colleges attended by students

United States Naval Academy, Cornell University, University of South California, Bucknell University, Georgetown University, Harvard University, Yale University

 What the school looks for in students…

“Mercersburg looks for academic achievement and promise, as shown by a student’s transcripts, test scores, and teacher recommendations. We also pay close attention to personal qualities, which we measure through motivation, character, extracurricular interests, and the ability to adapt to the Mercersburg community.”