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UCLA campus

Student: Katherine Zheng | College: UCLA

Introduction: Hi, my name is Katherine Zheng. I’m a freshman studying at University of California, Los Angeles. I major in Math of Computation. I chose UCLA mainly because of its great academic reputation. Vinnie helped me a lot during my application process, letting me find my academic interests. He also helped me to get ready for college life.

January 2020: Katherine's Interview

1.) Please tell me about your experience at UCLA.

My first 3 months in UCLA were excellent. Quarter system is pretty fast paced, and we have exams almost every week. The schoolwork is hard and workload is really big, but there are many resources to help students to get used to college life, and also activities especially designed for international students.

My classmates and professors are nice and helpful, and campus is safe and beautiful. The weather in Los Angeles is nice. It’s a great place to live and study.

2.) What’s the international community like there?

UCLA has a large proportion of international students, and there are students from all over the world. There are different activities for international students every week. Dashew Center is a department specifically for international students and scholars.

There are many Chinese students in UCLA, and Chinese student clubs like CSSA. International students are welcomed there.

3.) What is the best thing about studying at UCLA so far? What do you find unique about the university or surprising maybe…

The best thing about UCLA is its food. UCLA ranked No.1 campus food in the US, and there is a dining hall that serves Asian food. I can even find hot pot there. That’s definitely the best thing.

4.) What are some activities you’re involved with there? Briefly describe…

I am involved with lots of interesting activities. ACM is the biggest CS community in UCLA, and this organization regularly holds learning activities about coding and computer science. I went to the coding events and met students with the same passion for CS. Then there was a huge party the night before the football game with USC, and all dance and music clubs in UCLA performed. Everyone was excited because of the rivalry with USC.

5.) What’s your favorite local food since you’ve been there?

California rolls, so good.

6.) What advice would you give to other students planning to attend university overseas?

Be prepared.
Do something you’re interested in.
It is hard to go abroad alone and many things can be discouraging, but do know what you want to get out of this experience and carry on.