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Student: Minyu Zhang | College: Boston University

Introduction: Hi, this is Minyu. I met Vinnie four years ago for education consulting. He offered a lot of help for my college application, especially on my personal statement and all kinds of essays. Back then, we talked a lot about my personal stories and he helped structure my most important part of the application. Vinnie is trustworthy, for sure. Not only because he graduated from Columbia University, but also because he would love to hear from me. He treated my school selection more seriously than I did. When I said I would go for BU, he asked me why BU is my best choice, except for its ranking. I told him that because Boston is a big city in the States and I spent my past 18 years in Shenzhen, I don’t see myself in a rural countryside. Therefore, I am in Boston University now, studying Accounting and Finance.

September 2018: Minyu's Interview

1.) Tell me about your experience at Boston University, now two years later. Now you’re entering into your junior year.

I was a Psychology major when I first got into BU. I do love psychology, but a year later I changed my major to Accounting and Finance. I just want to say, do not feel like you are bound to the major you were admitted to. College is about exploring. If you can find out what you love before you get into college, great! But more often people will have to experience before they can truly settle down for what they want to major in. Different colleges or even different majors have their own requirement for intra-transfer student. Luckily for business in BU, I only need to pass two intro courses to get into business school. Our business school is more teamwork-oriented, and therefore, I would have to spend a lot of time with random people. Not in my best interest, but it definitely is very practical, and does prepare me for future career.

2.) What’s the international community like there?

Many Chinese students are in BU, and even more are in Boston. 23% of the students are international, and 17% are Asian Americans. There is no such way to distinguish who is from where. Everyone is equally welcomed. Don’t be shy because English is your second language. Just reach out and start talking to your roommates, floormates, and classmates.

3.) What is the best thing about studying at BU so far? What do you find unique about the university or surprising maybe…

The best thing is that I got to know a lot of new friends and at the same time connect with my old friends. Meeting new friends for sure. And at the same time, many of my old friends travel to Boston for Thanksgiving or Spring Break. I can hang out with my friends without buying an expensive flight ticket.

One thing that I have never heard about other schools is BU’s lobster night. It’s held once every school year in BU’s dining hall. Basically you are given a whole Boston lobster if you went to dining hall at that night for no additional fee.

4.) What are some activities you’re involved with there? Briefly describe…

Our business school always invites many successful businesspeople to share their stories. It sounds to be boring, but they are in fact very useful. Some of them even have a great sense of humor.

5.) What’s your favorite local food since you’ve been there?

Oyster and lobster roll, for sure.

6.) What advice would you give to other students planning to attend university overseas?

Be willing to speak. Do not be afraid because you do not know enough vocabulary, or you have a Chinese accent. English is not our mother language, so no one expects you to be like a native. We all want us to know how to translate every word we want to say, and we all want to sound like a native. But it takes time. Before you can speak fluently and clearly, you have to speak to practice. Don’t be shy. Reach out to your roommates, they are your best choice. And I believe most of them are friendly and would love to establish a harmonic dorm life with you.