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Student: Scott Xu | College: Stanford University

Introduction: Hi I’m Scott, currently a junior majoring in math and computer science at Stanford. I feel lucky to have Vinnie’s authentic advice during my college application period that helped me evaluate what I wanted to gain out of the college experience. I finally chose Stanford because of its contingency to the Silicon Valley and the wide exposure to the tech industry.

February 2023: Scott’s Interview

1.) Please tell me about your experience at Stanford University.

Generally speaking, Stanford is a diverse and energetic place where you can see people from so many backgrounds pursuing their academic and extracurricular interests. Even in such a large university, most instructors care about the students and dedicate to make their instruction applicable to the current world. I am always excited to see new course offerings and research discussions emerging from every part of my school, and the energy and impact of the education has spread to the entire Bay Area, from college students to people in the industry.

2.) What’s the international community like there?

International students are supportive and often host special events to accommodate people from different cultures. When I arrive here I realize there are many international students from so many countries, and I’ve heard a lot of stories from other cultures in our class discussions.

3.) What is the best thing about studying there so far? What do you find unique about the university or surprising maybe…

I personally like how close the class is touching what we are experiencing in the world and hear comments about these situations from professionals in their areas. For example, one can hear discussions about the newest ChatGPT model or GPU and connect what we learn exactly to these changes in the industry.

4.) What are some activities you’re involved with there? Briefly describe…

I enjoyed a trip with my friends to the Half Moon Bay during a short winter break and left many good memories there. I also hiked near the school several times, and I found it very relaxing to chat with different people in a stress-free hiking mode.

5.) What’s your favorite local food since you’ve been there?

There’s an authentic Spanish restaurant around the area (though I miss authentic Chinese food more).

6.) What advice would you give to other students planning to attend university overseas?

Don’t be shy or afraid to reach out to use the resources you have in your school. These can be your classmates, professors, random posts on Linkedin or an event invitation email. There are many opportunities if you are prepared and are active enough to face and overcome challenges.