Early Admission Success

Early Admission Success

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Early Decision Admission Results

Welcome to the entering class of 2019!

Though 2019 was an unusual year for college admissions, and a “down” year for many, we are happy to report that our students still achieved great success amidst adverse conditions. Early Decision Admission results were rewarding for our students who were admitted to Emory University and School of Visual Arts, among others. The “game” of college admissions has become more difficult in recent years, but for those who are willing to put in the time and effort, and follow our proven strategies, positive results can be achieved.

While early decision admission was kind to several students, we’re now looking forward to even better news as we approach the regular decision admission results In the months ahead. We look forward to helping our students’ transition into this next important part of their lives and we will be tracking their progress and posting updates about their experience in the future!

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