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News & Events

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Here on our News & Events page, you’ll find all of our latest news, announcements, and special events related to our courses and services, education consulting, student achievements, and even our new book. Our postings will appear from newest to oldest, in the space below. If you have any questions about our services, wish to attend an event, or schedule a meeting please contact us at your convenience.

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Regular Decision College Admission Results 2020

Considering the black cloud that had been darkening the doorstep of college admissions in recent times and now with the coronavirus setting everything back indefinitely, college admission results had almost become an afterthought to me. Now with regular decision results coming out, these past few days have been like a rebirth! What a nice surprise to read things like “I got admitted to Stanford, I can’t believe it!” >> Read more

A new course for the New Year: Public Speaking for Kids

Our new course helps children avoid being fearful about speaking in public and be on their way to becoming great communicators, and perhaps leaders, with the ability to make friends and exert a positive influence on others. While the course is designed specifically for kids, much of the content presented can apply to anyone—adolescents, working professionals—who seek to take their public speaking skills to a higher level… >> Read more

Early Decision Admission Results

Though 2019 was an unusual year for college admissions, and a “down” year for many, we are happy to report that our students still achieved great success amidst adverse conditions. The “game” of college admissions has become more difficult in recent years, but for those who are willing to put in the time and effort, and follow our proven strategies, positive results can be achieved… >> Read more

“Escape from America” featured in China’s International Talent Magazine

As we get set to publish our new book, we’re proud to announce Vinnie’s appearance in International Talent, which features news and articles on the various activities, experiences, and contributions of foreigners within China. Included in the “My China Story” section, the story was selected as an excerpt from our book’s “Chapter 9: The Waking Dream” where Vinnie highlights his first experiences in China. Learn more about International Talent and Vinnie’s story… >> Read more