News & Events

News & Events

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Here on our News & Events page, you’ll find all of our latest news, announcements, and special events related to our services, including new courses, student achievements, site updates, and more. Our posts will appear from newest to oldest in the space below. If you have any questions about our services or would like to schedule a meeting, please contact us at your convenience.

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International Universities

When it comes to study abroad, we’re continuing to widen our scope. In today’s world where opportunities for an international education and employment continues to grow, we’re arming ourselves with more knowledge and presenting our clients with more information and potential options to suit their needs. View our Colleges section to find “Admission Insights” from several universities located in the UK, Canada, and Australia, with more to follow.  >> Read more

Admission Results

We’ve redesigned and updated our Admission Results page to now include cumulative listings since 2015. For the last several years, we’ve helped our students gain admission to many of the world’s best schools. We’ve gladly assisted traditional undergraduates, transfers, and graduate students prepare and position themselves for success. In this section, we’re also including sample acceptance letters and a comprehensive list of Summer Program results.  >> Read more

Students Speak

We’ve just added two new entries from our successfully admitted students currently studying at Emory University and Stanford who’ve both overcome various pandemic-related challenges to excel as they progress through their junior years. What does it take to survive and thrive during this critical period? Get information directly from the students themselves.  >> Read more