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Greetings friends, and thank you for visiting my Author page. Well, we’ve finally made it!

My new book, Escape from America, is now available for purchase on Amazon, Apple Books, Google Play and other popular online retailers.

But wait. Don’t hurry over to buy it just yet.

I’ve prepared some free samples below for you to preview or “try before you buy” to give you a better idea of what to expect. Of course I’m a little biased and believe you will like what you see, so please continue further for more details.

As a writer for 30-plus years, but a first-time author, I am elated to share Escape from America with all of you. Creating this was a monumental undertaking that lasted – by now – more than 10 years. But through all of the research, personal experience, fits and starts, to finally arrive at my end goal was well worth the time. I can honestly say I’ve learned more about America, more about China, more about myself, and more about the human race all throughout this “journey” that began by scratching out simple notes on a pad to now becoming a self-published author.

In addition to writing, I wanted the book to have a strong visual impact. I enjoy employing illustrative concepts to clarify a message or emphasize a point. I’m not against text-only books but let’s face it, they can become monotonous to read, particularly if they’re dry topics. Thus, Escape from America features more than 100 images throughout its 13 chapters—and this was condensed from some 160 overall (for e-books, we must be mindful of excessive file sizes!).

Here’s a brief glimpse into some of the images that were under consideration but finally didn’t make the cut…

Samples of rejected images

Escape from America… Explained

This book actually features a story within a story. On the surface, it is the story of an American aspiring to change his life and plan a future in China, documenting the before and after experiences of his journey. Beneath the surface, however, this book features deep analysis from an experienced scholar, traveler, and businessperson of America and China that presents critical views on our likenesses, differences, and how we can improve. It is meant to educate and entertain readers who wish to learn more about two of the world’s dominant superpowers than is currently presented through news media and pop culture, as well as provide powerful insight from someone approaching the subject from both a local and global perspective.

Who should read this?

Escape from America is intended for a broad audience that is not limited by age, gender, or class. Anyone with an interest to truly “know” America and better understand its people will learn something; anyone with an interest to truly “know” China as a potential destination for studying, relocating, or doing business will learn something; and for anyone who is not satisfied with the status quo and feels there are better ways forward, this book will be your guide.

EFA is featured in both English and Chinese, and is particularly well-suited for students and young professionals. Written as an educator to help educate, readers will gain direct experience for how to think analytically, express opinions, and present themselves by following my lead. Teachers may find the material useful in the classroom, specifically in subject areas of humanities, composition, and language arts.

Escape from America English book cover

Escape from America Chinese book cover

Selected praise for Escape from America…

“I am profoundly impressed by the author’s honesty, candor and humor. It is extremely well written and comprehensive.” –Jon Arnold, TV News Producer

“A very easy read and entertaining journey from someone who proves that there are other destinations in the world than America that offer great opportunities.” –Ed Kunkel, Chief Operating Officer

“This book humanizes both sides and it increases knowledge about the ‘other’ in a way that will be of increasing importance as interactions between our two countries continues to decrease. Best of all, it does this in a gripping and enjoyable way.” –Daniel Harris, International Lawyer

To return to my earlier ruminations from above, with regards to America and China, now in 2020, perhaps the stars have aligned to allow me to release my book to the public. It could have happened a year ago, but didn’t. So considering “tensions” that exist between our two nations, there may never be a better time than now for EFA to make its oft-delayed appearance. Because once we look beyond all of the political posturing and propagandized memes that bombard our headspace, when we pause a moment to ponder, we find we’re all just people sharing the same hopes, fears, and dreams while trying to find our place in the world.

And in the end, that’s all that really matters, isn’t it?

My primary goal for writing Escape from America was to leave my mark on society and make a difference in people’s lives. This work is meant as a cultural exchange, and my hope is that in characterizing and critiquing these two countries, they can be the catalysts that help all of us improve our understanding of one another while better understanding ourselves!

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Thanks again for visiting and learning more about my new book. If you liked what you’ve seen so far, please go ahead and purchase the complete version—you won’t be disappointed. But do be advised, this is no ordinary e-book. Escape from America is packed full of facts, figures, essays, editorials, deep discussions, satirical discourse, and my unique and sometimes perplexing narrative on how to get from here to there, along with plenty of eye-candy in a densely populated work designed to bring you greater value for your valuable time and money! Cheers guys, wishing you the best for the future.

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