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Finding the Right School

Match Your Child with the School’s Requirements

Phillips Exeter Academy is a top school. It does a great job of educating young people, not just academically either. Exeter like many schools strives to develop the whole child. Does your child have what Exeter is looking for? Finding the right boarding school is not easy. You won’t know until you apply and go through the admissions process. So then, how do you find the right boarding or private day school?

An Education Consultant will know that Exeter is probably a reach for your child and recommend two or three other schools from your short list. One of these schools will be a great fit and will likely be quite eager to offer your child a place. We call that a “safe school.” Does this mean you are settling for second best? No, it does not.

Understand Your Child’s Needs

Finding the right boarding school is all about finding the best fit. Every school on your short list should be a great fit with your child’s needs and your requirements. There are many options to choose from. That’s why finding 8 to 10 schools to match your requirements takes time and effort. It’s also why you need expert guidance along the way. It’s also why ranks are not the only thing which matters.

Finding the Right School

An education consultant meets personally with families to discuss their unique concerns. To find the right school for your child, the consultant learns as much as possible about your student and family. Consultants help you clarify your child’s educational needs, identify strengths and weaknesses, and consider interests and dislikes. A consultant can help facilitate the process of selecting the school in which your child can be happy and successful. The consultant helps you understand what to look for in a school. Because a consultant knows your child well and has a thorough knowledge of which schools meet your family’s needs, he or she can formulate a customized list of appropriate options.

Understanding the Boarding (and Private Day) School Concept

  • Education Consultants have firsthand knowledge of boarding schools.
  • They enhance their knowledge by touring hundreds of campuses, spending time meeting with admissions officers, and exploring schools’ living environments.
  • They have established a professional relationship with school administrators.
  • They have valuable experience resulting from years of educational planning with a variety of students.