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location students adm. int’l. fresh grad GPA ACT SAT TOEFL
Wellesley, MA 2,461 18% 14% 95% 86% 4.0 32 1435 100

Wellesley College is a private institution that was founded in 1870. The college sits on 500 acres and is located 12 miles outside of Boston and features a scenic campus encompassing a lake, woodlands, an arboretum and open meadows. It is a liberal arts college for women and is one of the original Seven Sisters Colleges, which includes Mount Holyoke, Vassar, Smith, Radcliffe (now part of Harvard), Bryn Mawr and Barnard. Wellesley is known as one of the most academically challenging institutions of higher education in the country and provides students with an array of opportunities that create the richest possible educational environment. Wellesley prepares women to realize their own highest ambitions and compete in any setting.


As an institution that focuses solely on the ideals of a liberal arts education (and does not offer graduate programs), Wellesley is able to dedicate all of its academic resources–faculty, facilities, and research support to its undergraduate students. The college offers more than 1,000 courses in 55 established majors. There is a cross-registration program with MIT, offering students a greater range of courses. Also, students can spend a semester in another college in the Northeast as part of the Twelve College Exchange Program. Wellesley’s student-faculty ratio is 8:1, and the school has 67% of its classes with fewer than 20 students. Popular majors include Economics, Biology, and Research and Experimental Psychology.

Special Highlights

The Davis. One of the oldest and most acclaimed academic fine art museums in the US, the Museum was founded more than 120 years ago. The Davis collections, which span global history from antiquity to the present and include masterpieces from almost every continent, are housed in an extraordinary museum building. In addition to dynamic presentations of the permanent collections, and installations that support specific coursework and research, the Davis hosts a series of temporary exhibitions and programs to inform, delight, and challenge our visitors.

Slater International Center. Slater is the focal point for international activities on campus and a space for anyone in the community with the desire to increase intercultural understanding and establish global connections. It is a place where students from diverse backgrounds gather informally and create long-lasting friendships. Student organizations and academic departments use Slater International Center regularly for meetings, events, and cultural celebrations.

School Mission & Unique Qualities

Wellesley has a strong science program, including the nation’s second oldest physics lab. Wellesley has a program called the Davis Degree Program, which allows women older than 24 to attend college. The school also has many traditions, including an annual hoop-rolling race between the seniors, and step-singing, when the academic classes try to out-sing each other.

Student Reviews…

“Wellesley has a great environment that is both encouraging and supportive in every aspect. The size of the school is perfect. I really like the small classrooms and the ability to get to know my professors and classmates well. I also really like the lush green campus and Lake Waban.”