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location type grades students int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT SAT-avg TOEFL
Saxtons River, VT co-ed 9-12 PG 220 25% 6:1 10 Not req 1200 N/A

Founded in 1876, Vermont Academy is a coeducational, college preparatory school, primarily boarding, for grades 9 to 12 and Post-Graduate, located in Saxtons River, Vermont. Vermont Academy offers a curriculum structured for the development of confident and independent learners. Students discover their talents, and develop skills for problem solving, critical thinking and analysis, and the cultivation of good instincts. Offerings include advanced level classes; wireless Internet access; learning skills program; 18 sports; outdoor education; and creative arts (art, music, theater, and dance). Small classes and the personal attention of our dedicated teachers put each student in the front row.

Vermont Academy creates the perfect setting to live and learn, because 85 percent of the faculty lives on or near campus. We are devoted to creating confident and independent learners through personal attention in a unique Vermont environment.


Vermont Academy’s faculty is made up of a knowledgeable and committed group of teachers who are dedicated to the whole education of each individual student. As such, our instructional approach is guided by the following pedagogical values: Student-focused – emphasis on what is best for the student; Growth-oriented – we approach each student with a high level of acceptance, while nevertheless maintaining high expectations; and Active – teachers employ an academically rigorous pedagogical approach guided by an emphasis on learning by doing.

Special Highlights

Two Weeks in Belize. Vermont Academy’s two-week Belize program offers students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the magic of this cultural and biological hotspot. The Belize program provides the perfect stepping stone for some students who are more comfortable with a shorter excursion before participating in a trimester abroad. The lush landscape of Belize provides hands-on lessons in Tropical Ecology, the Ancient Mayan World, and sustainability, presenting a life-changing journey for budding scientists and emerging global citizens.

STEM. This program includes focus in the areas of writing, presentation, and competition as well, as skills in these areas are equally important in the design and problem solving processes that many of our students will face in their futures.

Top colleges attended by students

Quinnipiac University, Bradley University, Rhode Island College, Bucknell, College of the Holy Cross, Skidmore College, Dartmouth College, St. Lawrence University, Harvard University, Union College

What the school looks for in students…

“We seek students who want to be successful academically, athletically, creatively, and socially, and who are eager to become the best they can be—confident and independent learners.”