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The Webb Schools

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location type grades students int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT SAT-avg TOEFL
Claremont, CA co-ed 9-12 405 23% 6:1 16 Yes 1500 100

Webb is the only school in the United States to celebrate the formative differences between boys and girls through founding two schools on a single campus. Founded in 1922 as a school for boys focused on educating honor-bound leaders, Webb created in 1981 a second school on its campus to provide the same opportunity for girls. Without peer, Webb forged its own path. Webb crafted two schools on the same campus with their own traditions, faculties, and student-governing bodies, thus doubling the best opportunities for boys and girls. Webb today continues in this path-breaking tradition by offering a majority of ninth and tenth grade classes separately for boys and girls, while transitioning students to co-educational classes in their junior year.

The mission of The Webb Schools is to develop leaders, men and women of character who demonstrate through their actions virtues of enduring worth. The Webb education inspires and nurtures high school boys and girls to become men and women who think creatively and boldly, act with honor and distinction, lead with the courage to do what is right and serve with a generous spirit.


The Webb Schools offer a dynamic, multi-faceted educational experience that fosters intellectual agility, boundless curiosity, strong moral judgment, and creative thinking. Webb classes put the focus on individual participation, blending traditional lectures with group problem-solving, in-class debates, and round-table discussions that encourage students to apply their knowledge creatively and think on their feet. Webb gives students countless opportunities to explore and discover, whether it’s conducting original scientific research, applying the latest methodologies in design thinking, or using classical literary styles to examine familiar experiences with fresh eyes.

 Special Highlights

Symposium Days. These sometime multi-day events provide an opportunity to explore and celebrate intellectual curiosity beyond the classroom. Symposium Days provide a forum for students and teachers to engage with new ideas that go beyond the traditional curriculum of classroom work.

Special Events. Community-wide events are woven into the fabric of Webb. Among the favorites of students and teachers are Theme Week, a week-long, class-centered spirit marathon that culminates in a lavish display of musical and theater talent which never fails to surprise and impress. International Night, another beloved school-wide event, which showcases the many diverse cultures on campus through eclectic cuisines and performances of traditional song and dance. No event seems to eclipse the heralded Webb Day, a two-day Olympics-style competition of mind and body with events including academic jeopardy, ping pong, video games, Earth Ball, triathlon, and more.

 Top colleges attended by students

University of California, University of Southern California, The Claremont Colleges, Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University, Stanford University, Wellesley College, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University

 What the school looks for in students…

“Those students who would best benefit from our school’s many programs and services and who, in turn, would bring to our campus the kind of eagerness for learning that has been the profile of a Webb student since our founding in 1922.”