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location type grades students int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT SAT-avg TOEFL
Stony Brook, NY co-ed 7-12 454 31% 9:1 17 Opt’l 1350 95

The Stony Brook School is an independent college preparatory school (grades 7-12) that exists to challenge young men and women to know Jesus Christ as Lord, to love others as themselves, and to grow in knowledge and skill, in order that they may serve the world through their character and leadership.

Founded in 1922 with the motto “Character Before Career,” The Stony Brook School seeks to educate students in matters of the mind, body, and heart. Students are challenged to become leaders with integrity and virtue; character development is considered an essential component of the educational process. While students are presented with the gospel of Jesus Christ, they are free to maintain their personal spiritual beliefs.

Distinguished for its academics and set apart by its mission, The Stony Brook School is widely known for its passion for character education. Located on the beautiful north shore of Long Island, the 55-acre campus is home to 324 students. Most of the 46 faculty members live on or near campus. With students from 17 states and 22 countries, The Stony Brook School has truly emerged as one of the most diverse private schools in the nation.


Our rich and textured classroom learning experiences serve as a jumping off point in our “whole student” approach to education. Because we are a boarding school, our students are able to engage in various subject matters with their teachers in myriad environments and circumstances. Our classes regularly travel together to off-campus events and cultural destinations that add new layers of nuance and enrichment to in-class lectures and discussions. Lessons learned in our arts and athletics programs are brought back to our academic buildings, and vice versa.

 Special Highlights

Visual Arts. The visual arts curriculum at The Stony Brook School focuses on the comprehension and use of art elements in a variety of media. Essential definitions and skills are learned in a foundations program and developed as the student completes higher-level courses. Art history is an integrated part of each studio class, with visits to major museums in New York City.

Work Jobs. Just as in a family, because we are a community that lives and works together, we all have a part in making The Stony Brook School work. For this reason, every student is assigned a workjob (a chore) every year. From working in the kitchen to putting the mail up to vacuuming the library carpet—every student has a job.

 Top colleges attended by students

Amherst College, Boston College, Dartmouth University, Emory University, George Washington University, Harvard University, NYU, Princeton University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Southern California

 What the school looks for in students…

“The review committee looks at the whole application packet from teacher recommendation, transcripts, and standardized test scores to the interview.”