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St. Andrew’s School Delaware

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location type grades students int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT SAT-avg TOEFL
Middletown, DE co-ed 9-12 306 16% 5:1 12 90% 1370 110

St. Andrew’s School Delaware is a community of highly engaged students and teachers all living together on a spectacular 2,200-acre campus. Fully committed to our rigorous academic program, our students are dynamic, actively exploring their passions in athletics, the arts and service—both to humanity and to the environment.

St. Andrew’s will provide you with the opportunity to live with and learn from a bright, energetic, diverse faculty who have chosen to teach here because of the strong connections and relationships they create with students. St. Andrew’s will provide you with an opportunity to create and contribute to one of the best educational cultures in the United States.

Here stands a high school, a private school open to all regardless of family income. Here stands a boarding school that seeks to create an academic community that is intelligent, discerning and engaged in the pursuit of knowledge. Here stands a boarding school that seeks to create a human community that is warm, accepting, compassionate and intelligent. Here you would have the wonderful opportunity to sustain and deepen the St. Andrew’s ethos and its identity as a counter-cultural school.


St. Andrew’s School Delaware academic program reflects those qualities of mind we value most: thoughtfulness, inquisitiveness, creativity and a respect for rigorous scientific inquiry. These values find expression in a sequence of requirements in the core subject areas of English, history, science, mathematics, classical and modern languages, religious studies and the arts; a commitment, particularly in the early years, to the teaching of writing, critical reasoning and scientific investigation, and a deep belief in the world’s religious, philosophical and artistic traditions as a lasting source of wisdom and hope.

 Special Highlights

Technology Program. Technology plays a key role in a St. Andrew’s education. Access to the best software and hardware allows our community to research, collaborate, and learn more effectively. Access to state of the art facilities and programs allows our students to pursue a variety of academic and extracurricular interests as well as preparing them with technology skills they will need in college and beyond.

Community Service. The Community Service Program at St. Andrew’s lies at the center of the School’s commitment to encourage our students to reach out and care for others. St. Andrew’s identifies numerous opportunities for students to serve on the local, regional, and global levels. Students can participate in programs individually, as a part of teams or organizations on campus (such as the Student Vestry, musical groups or clubs), as dormitory groups, as a form or sometimes with the entire School.

 Top colleges attended by students

Davidson, Williams, University of the South, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, George Washington University, Harvard University, Bates, Middlebury

 What the school looks for in students…

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