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location type grades students board int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT TOEFL
Washington, CT Co-ed 5-9 328 41% 35% 5:1 12 Not req Yes

Situated in the foothills of northwestern Connecticut’s Berkshire Mountains, Washington (population 4,000) is 43 miles west of Hartford, Connecticut and 80 miles northeast of New York City. The 147 acre campus is surrounded by beautiful wooded hills and the scenic Bantam River. Founded in 1900 by Mrs. Lillias Rumsey Sanford in Seneca Falls, New York, the school moved to larger quarters in Cornwall, Connecticut in 1907 and to the present campus in 1948. Thomas W. Farmen, the school’s fifth Headmaster, was appointed in 1985.

Rumsey Hall is well-known for challenging its students in a supportive, nurturing environment. The campus features excellent facilities in a beautiful, natural setting. A new math center, science center, and computer lab enhance the academic program. The school’s philosophy embraces a whole-child approach to teaching. The teachers work closely with students during their dynamic middle school years to create a positive sense of community. Rumsey Hall’s program stresses effort as the key to success. The school is distinguished by its strong family atmosphere and lively spirit.


Rumsey Hall believes that effort is as important as academic achievement. Effort as a criterion for success opens a new world to the student because the student can use his or her environment to the best advantage. The student determines whether he or she will earn approval, rewards and privileges. Effort does not start and end with the student. It is a shared responsibility between the student and each faculty member. Just as the faculty expects maximum effort from each student, they promise in return to give each student their very best effort. The result is an environment where everyone can share in the pleasure of success.

 Special Highlights

Fine Arts. The Fine Arts (music and theater) provide a powerful form of expression for the human spirit which brings great rewards to every person’s life. The unique combination of intellect, artistry, and feeling required for artistic expression distinguish it from other human endeavors, and rank the arts among the highest of cultural accomplishments.

Technology. Rumsey has three fully interactive Computer Labs and over 100 networked computers throughout the school. There is a school-wide intranet system to enhance communication within the community. Two full-time people support the network and its participants. The Computer Skills Class focuses on many software applications to improve the students’ adeptness at using a computer.

 Top high schools attended by students

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 What the school looks for in students…

“We look for students who will join in the school community in helping others as well as growing into well rounded individuals.”