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location type grades students int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT SAT-avg TOEFL
Hightstown, NJ co-ed 9-12 544 14% 7:1 12 Yes 1310 105

The Peddie community commits itself to the intellectual, social, and moral growth of its students. Remarkable for the range of their talents, abilities, interests, and backgrounds, its students distinguish themselves through their excitement, curiosity, and character. They help make Peddie an open, dynamic community where a passion for learning thrives.

With respect, enthusiasm, humor, and patience, they challenge their students to reach for levels of achievement they have not attempted before and encourage them to measure the success of their efforts by the progress they make. Ultimately, they seek not only to provide students with vigorous preparation for college, but also to inspire them to strive for the highest quality of citizenship.


Peddie has built its reputation on academic rigor, a friendly culture, and a focus on the whole student: mind, body and spirit. Our academic program continues to transform itself and grow in meeting the demands of an ever-changing world. Pioneering the use of wireless technology and a discovery-based science program, the school has increasingly seen its mission as leading the future of American education. During the last several years, we have increased our course offerings, particularly in the sciences, including new courses in forensics, DNA, neurobiology, robotics, physiology, evolution, genetics, quantitative chemical analysis, and organic chemistry. We have also added course offerings in arts, history and mathematics.

 Special Highlights

The Signature Experience. The Signature Experience at Peddie enables a select group of students to spend three to six weeks of the summer before their senior year pursuing their passions and intellectual interests. Freed from some of the limits of school and geography, students can experiment in using the world as their classroom in innovative ways. Whether it be academic, artistic, spiritual or political in nature, the distinguishing element in a successful Signature project is its independent quality.

Christensen Speaker Series. Organized as Friday Features in 2005 by a group of Peddie students and the history department, and supported by Terry Christensen ’62, the Christensen Speaker Series brings distinguished speakers to campus to discuss issues relevant to today’s world. Hosted six times during the academic year, the range of topics is purposely eclectic, from history and politics to science, culture, media, and sports.

 Top colleges attended by students

Boston College, Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, Columbia University, George Washington University, Lehigh College, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, U.S. Naval Academy, Villanova University

 What the school looks for in students…

“Remarkable for the range of their talents, abilities, interests, and backgrounds, our students distinguish themselves through their excitement, curiosity, and character.”