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Mount Michael Benedictine School

Mount Michael Benedictine School

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location type grades students int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT SAT-avg TOEFL
Elkhorn, NE boys 9-12 250 15% 7:1 13 Opt’l 1350 80

Mount Michael Benedictine School is a Catholic college preparatory residential/day school for young men committed to academic excellence. The school’s mission is to integrate a life of spirituality, scholarship, and the formation of Christian Community by following the charism of the Gospels and the Rule of St. Benedict.

The school has become noted for its family atmosphere, spiritual environment, and high academic standards and expectations. Over 91% percent of seniors take Advanced Placement classes for which they can receive college credit. The majority takes three or more. About 84% of Mount Michael graduates receive merit-based scholarships from the college they choose to attend. Our extensive extracurricular programs include a wide array of sports (Mount Michael athletic/academic teams have won 25 state championships and been runners up fourteen times in the past 43 years), choral and instrumental groups, and several drama performances.


Mount Michael’s college prep education is designed to challenge and strengthen each student’s academic skills in preparation for college. Ultimately, it is our goal to enable every student to reach his educational and career potential. Mount Michael’s faculty and staff provide a rich learning environment that emphasizes the value of quality scholarship and challenges each student to reach the next level. Due to the strong academic potential of the student body, young men are challenged by their peers as well as by their teachers.

 Special Highlights

Community. The boarding program creates a unique environment on campus that goes well beyond the usual academics and activities at most schools. The 24 hour a day nature of Mount Michael fosters a family atmosphere that just cannot be found in a day school. While not all Mount Michael students opt to be boarders, they and their families repeatedly mention an appreciation of the special gifts the boarding culture lends to all.

National Honor Society. The Edward E. Malone Chapter of the National Honor Society strives to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership and to encourage the development of character in students of Mount Michael Benedictine School.

 Top colleges attended by students

Boston College, Brown, Colgate, Cornell, Columbia, Duke, Georgetown, Georgia Institute of Technology, Grinnell, Harvard, Holy Cross, MIT, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Princeton, Rice, Stanford, U. of Pennsylvania, University of Texas at Austin, Vanderbilt, Washington University, Wesleyan University, Yale University

 What the school looks for in students…

“Mount Michael seeks young men who demonstrate good character, strong academic ability and motivation, desire for independence, ability to accept challenges, care and concern for others, commitment to personal and academic growth, and enthusiasm for participating in extracurricular activities.”