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location type grades students int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT SAT-avg TOEFL
Milton, MA co-ed 9-12 710 14% 5:1 14 Opt’l 1414 100

Milton Academy is an independent college preparatory K-12 school, boarding and day in grades 9-12, located eight miles south of Boston.

Milton’s goal is to help students embrace a world larger than the one they know, to broaden their grasp of that world, and to deepen their understanding of themselves. The faculty asks a lot of students – to make a rigorous commitment to thinking and doing in every activity they undertake and to take responsibility for their learning; for those who make that commitment and take on that responsibility, the rewards are deep and lasting – a foundation not just for learning but for living as well.

Milton Academy cultivates in its students a passion for learning and a respect for others. Embracing diversity and the pursuit of excellence, we create a community in which individuals develop competence, confidence and character. Our active learning environment, in and out of the classroom, develops creative and critical thinkers, unafraid to express their ideas, prepared to seek meaningful lifetime success and to live by our motto, “Dare to be true.”


Your classrooms will have about 14 students in them; everyone is part of the action. Learning is discussion-based not lecture-based; intense conversation in the classroom makes the class exciting. Your teachers look for analysis, critical thinking, expressing ideas; they help you achieve these skills. You’ll develop your own point of view, and you’ll learn to respect others’ differing points of view. You will have your own faculty advisor. One advisor counsels you and a small group of other students throughout your Milton years, guides your course selection, keeps in touch with your academic and social progress, and acts as your resource and advocate.

 Special Highlights

Community Service Program. Milton’s Community Service Program seeks to instill a passion for service in the Academy’s students and faculty. Through providing a multitude of opportunities from tutoring in local schools, to donating blood, to assisting the elderly, the program strives to provide those in the Milton community with interesting and meaningful service opportunities. On average, 180 students perform weekly service at over 30 different organizations in the Greater Boston area.

Academic Skills Center. The Academic Skills Center (ASC) helps Milton Academy students reach their academic potential. Services available through the ASC complement the support students receive from their individual teachers and advisors. The ASC is staffed by learning specialists and Milton faculty members. It is located on the basement level of Cox Library. Some students use ASC support on a regularly scheduled basis; others come only when they need particular help. Drop-ins are always welcome.

 Top colleges attended by students

Boston College, Brown University, Columbia University, Harvard University, McGill, NYU, Stanford University, Tufts University, University of Penn, Yale University

 What the school looks for in students…

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