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location type grades students int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT SAT-avg TOEFL
Chattanooga, TN boys 9-12 PG 979 18% 8:1 14 66% 1270 90+

Since 1905, McCallie has offered a premiere college preparatory boarding program for boys in grades 9-12. McCallie features over 40 student-centered organizations and an outstanding array of extracurricular activities that include nationally recognized programs in athletics, the arts, and community service. The Honors Scholarship Program awards merit scholarships to outstanding rising ninth and tenth grade students.

McCallie School is dedicated to the academic, physical, spiritual, and emotional growth of boys as they prepare for college and life. The school seeks to inspire and motivate them to: strive for excellence in every endeavor; pursue intellectual and spiritual truth; lead lives of honor; act responsibly in personal, family, and community relationships; and demonstrate concern for the welfare of others.


The Honor Code is McCallie School’s most treasured tradition. The Code is predicated on the assumption that students are honorable men and have the right to be trusted. When enrolling in the Upper School, each student must sign the Book of Honor, accepting his personal responsibility for this Honor Code.

 Special Highlights

Coordinate Program. The purpose of the Coordinate Program between McCallie and Girls Preparatory School (GPS) is to offer both communities varied opportunities to interact with one another. McCallie and GPS partner in a Coordinate Program that maintains the strengths of each school’s single-gender educational program, upholding each school’s unique traditions. At the same time McCallie and GPS provide students activities where the “all-boys” and the “all-girls” schools can interact.

Weekend Activities. The Weekend Activities Program offerings include the Big 5 dorm intramural athletic conference, an activity specifically designed for boarding students. Another program based in the Student Center is the new McC-Sat activity program, in which all freshman and sophomore boarding students are involved. There are other offerings open to all students including a variety of off campus trips and tournaments held on campus and around Chattanooga.

 Top colleges attended by students

Savannah College of Art & Design, Davidson College, University of Alabama, U of California at Berkeley, Furman University, Washington & Lee University, University of Virginia, University of South Carolina, UNC at Chapel Hill, MIT, Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt, Yale, North Carolina State University, Boston College

 What the school looks for in students…

“Whether it’s school, sports, music or art, we want boys who will push each other to do and be their best; and who will buy into the school culture and make McCallie a better place.”