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location type grades students int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT SAT-avg TOEFL
Wheeling, WV co-ed 7-12 447 15% 7:1 12 60% 1270 70

Founded in 1814, the Linsly School is a private, independent day and boarding school for students in grades 5 through 12. Located in Wheeling, West Virginia, we offer a college preparatory curriculum that combines the traditional values of hard work, respect, honor, honesty, and self-discipline within a challenging academic program designed to unlock the potential of each student.

The family-like atmosphere at Linsly helps students grow and develop under the guidance of faculty members who know them by name and care about their future. Whether it happens over lunch, dinner or in evening study hall, learning at Linsly never ends. Comprehensive in nature, the Linsly experience extends well beyond the requirements of the classroom. Linsly encourages students to develop their physical skills and realize individual interests through a well-managed program of athletics and extracurricular activities. Linsly’s no cut / no quit policy ensures a spot for all students on athletic teams, and requires them to honor their commitments.


At Linsly, academic excellence has always been developed through a traditional curriculum enhanced with contemporary courses. That’s why we have never needed to go “back to basics”: we never left them. Our academic program is rigorous and challenging to every student. Advanced level courses are available in both the high school curriculum and the middle school curriculum, ensuring that even the most gifted students will be intellectually challenged.

 Special Highlights

Linsly Outdoor Center. All Linsly students are required to participate in at least one five-day program during the school year. These programs are at once intensely educational, and a tremendous amount of fun! Students will also be eligible to participate in many of the special activities, trips, and leadership opportunities available throughout the year. These trips include activities such as rock climbing, white water rafting, camping, backpacking, skiing, and ecology field walks. Even our seniors take advantage of the LOC program. In their final week of school, the seniors enjoy a white water rafting trip together.

The Advisory Program. Linsly’s Advisory Program provides guidance from the faculty members in both academic and personal matters. Students meet daily for the first ten minutes of the academic day with other advisees. While this is an ideal time for group discussions, students may call upon their faculty advisor for help or advice whenever needed.

 Top colleges attended by students

Bethany College, Bucknell, Columbia, Cornell, Northwestern, UPenn, Air Force, Emory, Georgetown, West Virginia University, UCLA, Berkeley, Washington University (MO), West Virginia Wesleyan, Ohio State, Notre Dame

 What the school looks for in students…

“Students are selected based on their willingness to engage completely in a school community built upon a challenging academic program that seeks to realize each student’s potential.”