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location type grades students int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT SAT-avg TOEFL
Lake Forest, IL co-ed 9-12 PG 435 25% 6:1 12 Yes 1370 83

LFA is a boarding school that also admits day students. We bring together students of different backgrounds from all over the world. We provide educational experiences that extend beyond the classroom. Most of our teachers live on campus and embrace the opportunity to work with students in varied settings. Day students and boarding students alike benefit from a diverse student body, an educational program that continues into the evening and on weekends, and committed faculty members.

LFA is a community with a rich history, a clear identity, and a commitment to ongoing improvement. Lake Forest Academy strives to embody in its practices and to cultivate in its students excellence of character, scholarship, citizenship, and responsibility.


LFA offers each student an enriching educational experience. We average 12 students in each class and provide an academic curriculum notable for both its depth and breadth. Students also take part in clubs, service-learning opportunities, athletics, and the performing arts. Through a broad range of experiences, LFA students gain the confidence, self-reliance, and empathy that will enable them to be thoughtful, contributing members of any community.

 Special Highlights

Global Education. Lake Forest Academy places the utmost importance on helping our students become better global citizens. Cultivating a deeper sense of global awareness and understanding is rooted throughout our curriculum. Whether in the classroom, on service trips, traveling with a class, or spending a year abroad, LFA students are encouraged to widen their horizons both figuratively and literally.

The House Cup. Everyone at LFA (students, faculty, and staff) belongs to one of four houses#&8212;Bird, Lewis, Sargent, or Welch. Throughout the school year, the four Houses compete for the coveted House Cup. The color of the cover of the Student Handbook and the Student Planner as well as the ribbon around Monty the Bear’s wrist indicate the reigning House Cup champion.

 Top colleges attended by students

Northwestern University, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon University, Emory University, Miami University of Ohio, Vanderbilt University, Lake Forest College, Tufts University, Colorado College, Connecticut College, DePaul University, Duke University, George Washington University, New York University, University of Pennsylvania

 What the school looks for in students…

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