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Junipero Serra High School

Junipero Serra High School

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location type grades students int’l s-f ratio class SAT avg SSAT TOEFL
San Mateo, CA boys 9-12 880 N/A 12:1 24 N/A N/A 70-80

Junipero Serra High School is an exceptional Catholic college preparatory for boys. Academic excellence is our focus, and spiritual formation is at the heart of all we do. We teach boys to become responsible young men and honorable leaders. Serra’s legacy spans more than 70 years of excellence in Catholic education and includes more than 12,000 alumni. The school’s location in San Mateo, in the heart of the Peninsula between San Francisco and Silicon Valley, ignites an innovative spirit in the community. We welcome students of all faiths and backgrounds to bring their gifts and talents to our campus and enrich the diversity of our school community.


Research indicates that boys excel academically and personally in single-gender learning environments. Our teachers leverage boys’ natural strengths, talents and aspirations by using effective teaching strategies that motivate and support young men in their academic and personal growth. This gives our Padres an advantage in the classroom and in life. Our students flourish in our inclusive, innovative and inspiring environment.

Special Highlights

Design-Led Innovation Program. This is an interdisciplinary, three-year course of study in which students will be introduced to the principles of design thinking—a human-centered approach to creative problem solving. It is designed to give students opportunities to become innovators, and not just consumers, who find solutions to real world problems. It draws on logic, imagination, intuition, and systematic reasoning to explore what could be—to create solutions that will truly benefit the end user.

Justice & Peace Club. The Justice and Peace Club seeks to improve the quality of life of our brothers and sisters around the world through social justice work. The club promotes a society where the fundamental rights due to all humanity are made available to all. Our goal is to show the world that people united as one can be a vibrant force and catalyst for change.

Top colleges attended by students

University of California Schools, California Polytechnic State University Pomona, Polytechnic State University SLO, California State University Sacramento, Humboldt State University, San Diego State University, San Francisco State University, San Jose State University, Sonoma State University, The University of Arizona, Baylor University, Boise State University, Boston University, Clemson University, University of Michigan, University of Washington

What the school looks for in students…

“We don’t expect perfection in an applicant. We look for a candidate with a strong academic foundation, a genuine desire to be active in the community, and a good heart.”