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location type grades students int’l s-f ratio class SAT avg SSAT TOEFL
Philadelphia, PA co-ed K-12 889 N/A 8:1 16 1380 Yes 100

Founded in 1845, Germantown Friends School is a Quaker, K-12, co-ed independent day school dedicated to reaching that of God in every person. Our mission is to seek truth, challenge the intellect, honor differences, embrace the city, and nurture each student’s mind, body and spirit. GFS takes its strong identity from five distinct elements: a vibrant intellectual community of teachers and students; an historic urban setting in Germantown within Philadelphia; a diverse and multicultural faculty and student body who value difference as indispensable; a Quaker vision of what is possible for both individuals and communities; and a belief in fulfilling this vision through reflection, collaboration and action.


Its thematic Lower School curriculum leads to a college preparatory Upper School program. Students may pursue advanced courses in science, mathematics, English, history, and classical and modern languages. Strong programs in art, music, athletics and theater are integrated with academics. Students take part in numerous extra-curricular activities and local service projects.

Special Highlights

Environmental Stewardship. Germantown Friends School is a member of the Friends Environmental Education Network (FEEN) whose goal is to promote both education and action within our schools around the issues of environmental stewardship and sustainability. With the help of some of our science faculty and the faculty members of the Stewardship Committee, GFS is committed to working toward these goals.

Community Involvement. We hope to guide each student in exploring the many facets of life through their educational experience at GFS. The aim of the Community Involvement program is to provide opportunities for students to have meaningful interactions with the people, places, and resources which make up the neighborhood of Germantown and the city at large. Student activities include: partnerships with neighborhood agencies and schools, all-grade work days, extracurricular Community Action Committee projects, Middle School Project Time, various “drives” and fundraisers for both local and international causes.

Top colleges attended by students

University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, Temple University, Brown University, Drexel University, New York University, Yale University, Wesleyan University, University of Colorado at Boulder, Haverford College, Skidmore College, Tulane University, Boston University, University of Vermont, Barnard College, Emory University

What the school looks for in students…

“We want our students to develop the capacity for responsible choice. Through our varied curriculum, our students come to understand their strengths and limitations, learning to integrate their own aspirations with the claims and values of others.”