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Fountain Valley School of Colorado

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location type grades students int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT SAT-avg TOEFL
Colorado Springs, CO co-ed 9-12 245 32% 6:1 12 Opt’l 1280 Yes

Our School is a close-knit residential community offering diverse and challenging learning opportunities in academics, athletics, the arts, community service and character development. The School’s rigorous college preparatory standards are enhanced by its setting in the Rocky Mountain West. The open prairies and snow-capped mountains offer not only a stunning panorama but also serve as a source of inspiration and aspiration. Students are encouraged to embrace new experiences, find themselves, and develop their talents in association with new friends from Colorado and around the world.

Fountain Valley School of Colorado is dedicated to providing a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum in academics, athletics and the arts. Our community endeavors to foster a lifelong love of challenge and learning in an environment of diversity and mutual respect, and to prepare adolescents to become individuals who are open-minded, curious, courageous, self-reliant and compassionate.


Academics at Fountain Valley School of Colorado are challenging and comprehensive, offering honors and Advanced Placement courses in all disciplines, while providing a flexible approach to assure appropriate course placement for all students. The curriculum is designed to stimulate curiosity, encourage critical-thinking skills, develop intellectual stamina, and prepare students for the challenges of the finest colleges and universities. Seven departments offer 77 courses, including 18 AP courses.

 Special Highlights

Interim Program. You feel the excitement building each spring as students and faculty make their preparations for Interim, a week-long program of experiential learning in March. Some groups stay close to campus and some cross borders, but all immerse themselves in learning-by-doing adventures that capitalize upon the diverse talents and interests of the FVS faculty.

Senior Seminar. Senior Seminar is a five-day trip held the week before commencement, when almost-graduates finish their FVS experience with hard work, camaraderie and bittersweet reminiscences. The experience strengthens the bonds between seniors and concludes with a final night at the Mountain Campus where they share how FVS has transformed their lives.

 Top colleges attended by students

Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Claremont McKenna College, Colorado College, University of Colorado (Boulder), Middlebury College, M.I.T., Johns Hopkins University, Pratt Institute, University of Illinois

 What the school looks for in students…

“We seek success-oriented students with sound character who have demonstrated a commitment to excellence both inside and outside the classroom.”