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location type grades students board int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT TOEFL
Southborough, MA Co-ed 7-9 475 32% 55% 6:1 14 Yes 860

Fay School a traditional yet contemporary independent school that teaches enduring skills for a changing world. Founded in 1866 and located 25 miles from Boston, Fay is a coeducational day and boarding school for students in pre-kindergarten through grade nine. Our boarding program (grades seven through nine) serves one hundred students from throughout the United States and more than fifteen foreign countries, forming a truly multicultural school community.

The mission of Fay School is to educate each child to his or her full potential through a broad, balanced, and challenging program that establishes a solid foundation for a productive and fulfilling life. Fay is dedicated to educating children to their full potential in the early childhood, elementary, and middle school years by helping them recognize and develop their intellectual, aesthetic, physical, social, and emotional capabilities. We teach our students essential, enduring skills: to read well, to write and speak clearly and coherently, to reason soundly, to question thoughtfully, and to study effectively. These skills support their ability to lead, to collaborate, to create, and to solve problems.


By Upper School, students are reading carefully, listening effectively, and speaking articulately. They are writing essays, research papers, poems, and thoughtful personal reflections. They are mastering the demanding concepts and processes of mathematics and science. Meanwhile, at every level, Fay students are engaged in age-appropriate pursuits of art, music, physical education, and athletics—activities that contribute to the development of the whole child and make the learning experience joyful and rewarding.

 Special Highlights

International Student Program. The International Student Program supports students in all aspects of their Fay experience from assistance with immigration documentation and travel arrangements to academic scheduling and secondary school placement. International students who are not yet fluent in English enroll in English as Second Language (ESL) classes as well as some mainstream academic courses at the appropriate level.

Leadership Development. Fay values the development of leadership skills for all of its students. At Fay, leadership development embodies many skills and perspectives, from public speaking to role modeling. Leading in service to others, facilitating discussions, leading student organization meetings, making independent decisions, and contributing to group processes are valued leadership qualities.

 Top high schools attended by students

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 What the school looks for in students…

“We look for students who are passionate about learning and embrace Fay’s five core values: Academic Excellence, Earnest Effort, Honorable Conduct, Dedicated Service, and Wellness of Mind, Body, and Spirit.”