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location type grades students int’l s-f ratio class SAT avg SSAT TOEFL
New York, NY co-ed NS-12 781 N/A 3:1 N/A N/A N/A N/A

Founded in 1872 and located on New York City’s Upper West Side, Dwight is a leading private international school. The first school in the Americas to offer all four International Baccalaureate programs for students in preschool through grade 12, Dwight is dedicated to igniting the spark of genius in every child. Dwight is named for Timothy Dwight V, twelfth President of Yale University. With a global network of Dwight Schools spanning three continents, students have numerous opportunities to travel and participate in enriching cross-campus cultural and curricular exchange programs.


Dwight embraces the individuality of each learner, as no two students are the same. Dwight supports these student journeys through a robust academic curriculum and after-school programs. Dwight makes it a priority to focus on and develop each child’s spark of genius. As an International Baccalaureate World School, Dwight is committed to a strong sense of global understanding. We recognize that diversity as a concept continues to evolve, and that we ? as a community ? will evolve with it. Our dedication to this effort shall be ongoing.

Special Highlights

School of Spirits. Anyone who has crossed Dwight’s transom at 18 West 89th Street knows that the gateway to our school is comprised of double hand-forged iron doors that are not only heavy but also beautiful to behold. These architectural icons of our campus, named the “School of Spirits” doors, were designed intentionally to be difficult to open, and reflect Dwight’s legacy of merging tradition with innovation.

National Shakespeare Contest. In this contest, Upper School students are challenged to memorize monologues from Shakespeare’s oeuvre and to deliver them with dramatic flair. The champion represents Dwight in a City-wide competition. We take great pride in this tradition, as it was launched by friend and former Anglo-American International School headmaster Dr. Paul Beresford-Hill.

Top colleges attended by students

Albright College, Amherst College, Bard College, Case Western Reserve, Colgate University, Fordham University, Ithaca College, Lehigh University, NYU, Northwestern University, Purdue University, Reed College, Santa Clara University, Stanford University, Syracuse University, Tufts University

What the school looks for in students…

“Dwight School looks for students who are passionate about learning and can thrive in a rigorous academic setting. Dwight seeks to have a community of globally minded, innovative students who are interested in sharing their diverse talents and experiences. The School values the importance of both character and academic background, and seeks to foster leadership through service learning.”