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location type grades students int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT SAT-avg TOEFL
Sheridan, OR co-ed 5-12 230 35% 10:1 20 Not req 1285 Yes

Delphian School is an independent, coeducational day and boarding school located in Sheridan, Oregon. We offer a rigorous academic independent-study program with a strong emphasis on practical learning for primary through high school students. Delphian offers a highly regarded ESL program and boasts a diverse, international student body representing 18 countries.

Within a close-knit community and lively campus environment, Delphian students are given highly personal attention from instructors, an individual academic program and a focus on demonstrated competence rather than memorization of facts or time spent in class. Students learn to not only understand what they study, but also to become competent in the use of logic and reason.


Delphian is not a typical educational experience. Here, students don’t memorize facts only to forget them after the test; memorizing is not learning. Our students are taught to evaluate by comparing an idea they’re studying to other concepts they’ve already learned. They explain it, demonstrate it, teach it to someone else, and apply it to their lives. In the end, it’s not just another fact to be memorized and abandoned; it’s been incorporated into the larger structure of their education. And in the process, our students have learned to think and reason.

 Special Highlights

Student Services. Students spend some time each weekday helping out in a variety of areas. For example, students may be asked to assist in the dining room either preparing or cleaning up after meals, or they may be asked to contribute in the computer center, in the classrooms or in the library. Tasks range from simple jobs such as sweeping or filing to more challenging projects and/or community service. Student Service time is planned so as to avoid interference with the students’ academic programs.

Afternoon Classes. All Delphian students are required to participate in elective afternoon classes. In afternoon classes, you may find yourself singing with our award-winning choirs (more than half of Delphian’s Upper School students are members). Taking corner kicks for the soccer team. Setting up a photo shoot. Writing a script and then producing a video. Focusing on your Warrior pose in yoga exercise class (physical poses only). Perfecting your backhand on the tennis court. Whatever you do, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to share your talent and skills with an audience, whether they are sports fans cheering you on from the sidelines or giving you a standing ovation at curtain call.

 Top colleges attended by students

Allegheny University, American College in Switzerland, Florida State University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Parsons, The New School for Design (New York), Pepperdine University, University of Tennessee, University of Washington, Yale University, York University, Toronto

 What the school looks for in students…

“Delphian encourages applications from students who demonstrate the potential for high achievement and independent thinking, and we seek bright young people who may need just that little bit of extra help to become extraordinary.”