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location type grades students int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT SAT-avg TOEFL
Carpinteria, CA co-ed 9-12 300 17% 5:1 10 Not req 1350 105

The school is associated with Round Square, an internationally-recognized organization of schools which follows the ideals of Kurt Hahn. The program encourages and helps coordinate (through its member schools) exchange programs and service trips around the world. In 2001, Cate School was recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the Outstanding Boarding Schools in America. In 2008, The Princeton Review ranked Cate School #14 of the best boarding schools in America.

Cate’s is located just outside of Santa Barbara in Carpinteria, California. The Cate campus occupies approximately 150 acres (0.61 km2) of land atop a “mesa”. The campus includes, among other things, 9 student dormitories, classroom facilities, a library, theater, various art buildings, and athletic facilities including 2 gyms, 2 full-size playing fields, a track, an aquatics center with two pools, a baseball diamond, softball diamond, rock wall, tennis and squash courts.


Cate School is nationally recognized for its academic excellence and is located outside Santa Barbara, California. Cate’s student body of 265 (83% boarders) participates in a highly rigorous academic curriculum, featuring a combined of 101 offerings with 19 AP courses. All students are involved in an extracurricular program that includes athletics, drama, music, dance, community service and an extensive outdoor program. The boarding experience is further enhanced by a diverse student body, and 22 states and 16 foreign countries represented.

 Special Highlights

Theater Programs. Theater, at Cate, ranges from academic courses to major, large-scale performances to informal and ongoing activities. Students involved in theater include some, focused on acting or directing, who will go on to study and perform in college and beyond, including at the professional level, as well as enthusiastic performers exploring their abilities and interest, and beginners stepping on stage for the first time.

Student Senate. Student leaders serve with faculty members on the Student-Faculty Senate, where they develop school policies and become spokespersons for the student body. Students serving on the Student Activities Committee design and plan many of the social activities throughout the year.

 Top colleges attended by students

University of California, Berkeley, University of Southern California, New York University, Columbia University, Stanford University, Colorado College, Davidson College, Emory University, Middlebury College, University of Pennsylvania

 What the school looks for in students…

“We seek well-rounded students; although we do look at excellence in their studies, we equally care about what they do in their free time and what kind of character they hold.”