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location type grades students int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT SAT-avg TOEFL
North Andover, MA co-ed 9-12 346 10% 5:1 12 Opt’l 1340 90

Note from the school’s headmaster: “Why Brooks?” This question was asked of me in the first moments of my first interview to become Brooks School’s fourth head of school, and the truth is that the core of my reply has remained true and constant for all of my years here: relationships. I have enjoyed more rich, full and lasting relationships with students through my life at Brooks than any one educator deserves in any number of lifetimes.

Brooks School seeks to provide the most meaningful educational experience students will have in their lives. While the mission statement is new, the sentiment and goals it is based on date back to the school’s earliest days. At a place where innovation is encouraged, faculty are frequently engaged in conversations about curriculum, teaching styles and pedagogy, always in the pursuit of the best possible learning environment for students.


The Brooks curriculum provides students with a broad-based academic experience in preparation for university. In addition, students develop skills and habits of the mind that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Ideally, all students will enroll in courses in the five major disciplines for all four years of high school. Students are also encouraged to pursue their interests in the arts throughout their time at Brooks. Students should keep their future career options open as long as possible.

 Special Highlights

Environmental Mascot. The program tracks and displays energy consumption through the wellbeing of the polar bear in real-time. The bear displays happy, playful actions when electric usage is low; he becomes increasingly distressed as energy use increases, until he eventually falls through melting ice into freezing water. The program also uses charts, graphs and text to strengthen students’ understanding of sustainability—not just on campus, but across the country and around the globe. It also creates connections between students’ actions and environmental climate change.

Visual & Performing Arts. The visual arts curriculum allows the novice artist to tap unknown creative talents while giving experienced students a platform for serious study. Courses include painting, drawing, ceramics, studio techniques and digital art and design. Theater productions vary from year to year, featuring a wide-range of material. And the diverse selection of music courses, ensembles and activities offer students the chance to make music a part of their lives.

 Top colleges attended by students

Boston University, Northeastern University, Tufts University, Georgetown University, Trinity College, Lehigh University, Connecticut College, University of Vermont, Syracuse University, Boston College

 What the school looks for in students…

“We are looking for strong academic candidates who will be motivated, willing to work with adults and will contribute to our community in their own different ways.”