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location type grades students int’l. s-f ratio class SSAT SAT-avg TOEFL
Asheville, NC co-ed 9-12 297 22% 5:1 13 63% 1260 100

Since its founding more than a century ago, Asheville School has been preparing high school students with an education for a lifetime. A rigorous academic experience focused on a traditional core curriculum challenges students and gives them the foundation to be better thinkers and communicators. A code of honor instills in students the importance of truth and strong character in all aspects of life. A rich tradition of athletics teaches students the important lessons of the playing field, sport and the outdoors. The boarding school experience builds in students a respect for and responsibility to others and one’s self. Students learn these lessons in a nurturing, close-knit community set on a campus of 300 pastoral acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Asheville School is about people and relationships. We believe that a good school is one in which every student is known and loved, and we can do that at Asheville School because we are purposefully small, and we are predominantly boarding. In our intimate residential community, we eat meals family style, we come together daily as a full school in either chapel or convocation, and we rub elbows in dormitories and around campus.


Asheville School’s academic course of study is rigorous and stresses a traditional core curriculum of humanities, mathematics, science, foreign language and the arts. Through the study of these subjects, students learn the fundamentals of good writing, critical thinking and clear communication-skills they will draw on in college and beyond. While the substance of the curriculum is traditional, teachers use innovation to connect the subject matter to their students and keep it relevant. The Asheville School classroom is a warm and inviting place. Class size is small, allowing students to engage in respectful discussion and debate with their peers or one-on-one guidance with their teacher.

 Special Highlights

Shakespeare Recitation. Each year, in each form, students study one or more plays by William Shakespeare. All students learn and recite a passage selected from the play they are studying and presented before their classmates. Each class votes on a “winner” who goes on to compete before the Humanities faculty. The top four winners from that “bracket” advance to compete before the entire school and are judged by a panel of professional actors and directors from the Asheville community.

Senior Demonstration. As a culminating intellectual experience, all Sixth Formers engage in a semester-long odyssey of self-directed learning which is commonly known as “The Demo.” Midway through their senior year, students are required to select a topic for their demo. Topics range from in-depth study of certain authors of genres of literature, to composers or scientific concepts. Reading, research and study culminate in two lengthy analytical essays and a verbal defense of the student’s thesis before a panel of teachers.

 Top colleges attended by students

UNC-Chapel Hill, Rhodes College, Furman University, Centre College, College of Charleston, New York University, Davidson College, Cornell University, Middlebury College, Georgetown University

 What the school looks for in students…

“Asheville School is for self-motivated, curious students who have been successful in school up to now. They like other people, want to get involved, are trustworthy and want to attend Asheville School.”