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Admission Insights: Windesheim University of Applied Sciences

Windesheim University campus view

Our newly created “Admission Insights” articles aim to bring greater attention to international universities as viable options for students. While we’ve traditionally focused on US colleges, it’s also become clear that tremendous opportunities exist beyond our own borders that are worth a closer look. Here, through a series of interviews with admission officers, we provide key details about their schools and links where you may find more information.

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1. Please share a brief overview of Windesheim University of Applied Sciences.

Windesheim is the runner-up among the Dutch Universities of Applied Sciences for many years in a row. Windesheim offers two English-taught bachelors’ programmes in the field of (sustainable) business:

  1. International Business is for students who are interested in subjects like Finance & Accounting, (Internet) Marketing & Sales, Logistics, and Human Resources Management, and who are looking for a university where personal development is primary focus.
  2. Global Project and Change Management (Sustainable Business and Innovation) is an honours programme for students who want to make the world a better place to live, in a business-like way. Topics include: climate change, global health, pollution, human rights, poverty eradication and social entrepreneurship.

Windesheim has more than 25,000 students and is based in the beautiful, medieval, safe city of Zwolle, only one hour travel from Amsterdam and the airport. The modern campus is located close to the city centre and includes great sports facilities.

2. What is typically your percentage of enrolled international students?

Windesheim is a typical Dutch university where most of our programmes are taught in Dutch. In our two English-taught bachelor’s programmes, which have existed for eight years, we currently have 60% international students, and 20% international students in a newly-developed English programme (we aim for 1/3 international students within the coming years). Furthermore Windesheim has approximately 25 exchange programmes, which are being joined by several hundreds of international students yearly. So as an international student you have the opportunity to experience the real Dutch way of studying and living in all its aspects, besides learning from all kinds of other cultures and backgrounds of your fellow students.

3. Are there any special requirements for international students versus domestic? If yes, please share them. e.g. In the US, we require a TOEFL score or equivalent.

English language requirements for our programmes: IELTS 6.0 or 6.5 (depending on the programme), TOEFL 80 or 90 or Cambridge B2. There are exemptions for native speakers, International Baccalaureate and some EU high school diplomas. Check the details on our website:

4. What resources are available at your school to help support international students?

Depending on the programme, we help with finding student housing; every student has a student counselor, and lecturers are very approachable.

5. Do you offer financial assistance or scholarships for international students?

Windesheim doesn’t offer scholarships, but the tuition fees are very reasonable: 2,209 euro per year for EU Students, 6,500 euro per year for non-EU students.

6. For US universities, there is great emphasis on Extracurricular Activities as part of an applicant’s overall credentials. Of what relevance are these in your admission requirements, and are these encouraged for student participation once enrolled?

For our International Business programme we have no selection procedure, so everyone with the right high school diploma will be accepted. For our Global Project and Change Management programme we have a selection procedure based on motivation, so for this programme it can be helpful when students have extracurricular activities on their CV. During the programme, we encourage all students to join extracurricular activities.

7. What would you say is unique or stands out about your university among others?

Windesheim is the number two broad-based University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands for already seven years in a row, based on both student opinions and expert opinions. The reason for this high ranking is:

  1. Our personal approach: we have small classes (15-20 students), our lecturers are very approachable and engaging and they really care about your success.
  2. Our programmes are practice-oriented: we have a close collaboration with the work field via projects, internships, group assignments and guest lectures.
  3. The positive and encouraging atmosphere at our campus.
  4. Strong focus on development of personal (21st century) skills.
  5. Flexibility in the programmes: via projects, study abroad and internships students have many options to choose topics of their own preference.

8. Have you found that graduates are well prepared for the international workplace upon completing their degree?

Because we are an applied university, because of the projects we do with companies and organizations, and because of the internships included in our programmes, our graduates are very well prepared for the labor market.


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