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location students adm. int’l. fresh grad GPA ACT SAT TOEFL
Winston-Salem, NC 5,472 25% 9% 94% 89% 3.8 31 1380 80+

Wake Forest University is a private institution that was founded in 1834. The school is located on a 340-acre campus in suburban Winston-Salem, North Carolina, just a few hours by car from skiing in the Blue Ridge Mountains or the beaches of South Carolina. Campus Recreation offers intramural sports and outdoor trips such as kayaking on the New River, mountain biking and sky-diving. One of the nation’s most respected private schools, Wake is recognized for its outstanding academic reputation and challenging liberal arts curriculum, coupled with the breadth and depth of a large research institution.


Wake Forest is committed to personal education, inquiry and exploration, and service. The Graduate School for Arts and Sciences, along with professional schools in law, medicine, business and divinity, enrich the intellectual environment and provide robust resources to undergraduates, as do extensive programs in international studies, entrepreneurship and undergraduate research. Wake Forest’s student-faculty ratio is 10:1, and the school has 57% of its classes with fewer than 20 students. Popular majors include Economics, Communications, Psychology, and Business.

Special Highlights

Friendship Family Program. This program is designed to help facilitate the development of lasting and rewarding relationships by matching international students with local families based on mutual interests and hobbies. As our city becomes more globally connected, this program is paramount to meeting the needs of the community and our students. At its core, the mission of this program is to broaden both parties’ global horizons and to enhance their intercultural knowledge.

Eudaimonia Institute. We are a community of scholars dedicated to developing an interdisciplinary understanding of Eudaimonia (Greek for “happiness” or “prosperity”) in the hopes of enabling more people to achieve it. The purpose of the Eudaimonia Institute (EI) is to explore the elements of and institutions that support eudaimonia, or genuine human flourishing. We investigate eudaimonia not only at the individual level but also the levels of organizations, communities, and societies.

School Mission & Unique Qualities

Wake Forest distinguishes itself through its beautiful residential campus, sophisticated computing and networking technology, and athletic programs. There are many opportunities for students to get involved, explore ideas, and take initiative to create programs and events of their own. Wake is home to the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials, which works closely with industry leaders to transfer its groundbreaking research in nanotechnology to practical applications in the areas of medicine, manufacturing and national defense.

Student Reviews…

“Wake has a beautiful campus and talented professors. The workload is sizable but manageable. They have many career resources; the networking opportunities are excellent and because the school is smaller they focus on the whole student and not just the grades.”